Where To Watch Westworld Season 2 Premiere Online


Where To Watch Westworld Season 2 Premiere Online & On TV

If you love HBO, you're probably amped up for the Westworld season 2 premiere coming this Sunday, April 22. We can barely contain our excitement! Last time we saw Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood), Maeve (Thandie Newton), Teddy (James Marsden), and the rest of the Westworld crew, everything was going to shit and fans were left with a million questions. Is Dr. Ford (***) really dead? Who actually survived the massacre at the end of season 1? What will happen when we visit Shogun World? We're dying to know! And while we're still unraveling the mystery as we rewatch season 1 in preperation for the rapidly approaching Westworld HBO premiere date, we are also left wondering where you can watch the *Westworld season 2 premiere so that we don't miss a single second of it. We know this one's going to be a bloodbath. So, where can you watch the Westworld season 2 premiere?

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Where Can I Watch Westworld Season 2 Premiere On TV?

Fans will know that you can't watch Westworld on television. HBO isn't tv, after all. But, if you're looking for the start time and how to watch the Westworld season 2 premiere on HBO, we've got that answer, too. The Westworld season 2 HBO premiere (2x01) will air on Sunday, April 22. So, what time does Westworld season 2 start? It will air at 9/8c on HBO or 6 PM PST on HBO East and 9 PM on HBO West. But, make sure to check your local listings to be sure! You should always look at HBO for when the latest episode of Westworld will air!

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Can I Watch Westworld Season 2 Premiere Online On HBO For Free?

Sorry, kids. It looks like you can't watch Westworld on HBO for free. In fact, nothing about HBO is free. Since HBO isn't television, it doesn't come with basic cable packages, and you need to purchase it seperately with your cable provider. However, you have a lot of different options on how to watch HBO on different platforms as well as different ways to watch Westworld online without an HBO subscription.

So, stay tuned! Read through our list of alternative ways of watching Westworld season 2 premiere to find out which way is best for you!

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Where Can I Watch Riverdale Season 2 Premiere Online: Hulu?

Love Westworld, but not a fan of HBO? Don't worry! You don't actually need to hook up your television to HBO. You can actually choose to add HBO onto your streaming services like Hulu. If you choose to get HBO for Hulu, you'll have access to HBO streaming as well as HBO movies and TV on demand. That means that if you want to watch the show's live stream as it airs, you can. And if you want to watch the Westworld premiere later on your own time, you can. The add-on is only $4.99/month more, and you'll have the best of both worlds!

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Where Can I Watch Westworld Season 2 Premiere Online: Amazon Prime?

So, if you aren't used to Hulu and have an Amazon Prime account, then you can always choose to add the HBO subscription to your Prime Video account for only $14.99/month. You'll have access to everything HBO has to offer and you can cancel your subscription at any time!

You can also choose to watch Westworld season 2 on Amazon Video, which requires no Amazon Prime subscription. You'll have to buy each episode individually or the entire season, which will give you access to every season 2 episode once it airs. So, if you aren't into HBO at all and only the Westworld season 2 premiere, then try Amazon Video!

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Where Can I Watch Westworld Season 2 Premiere Online: Netflix?

Wondering if you can watch Westworld season 2 premiere on Netflix? Well, you can't. At least not now, and from the looks of it, not ever. Westworld season 2 airs on HBO and will continue for the next ten weeks. However, Netflix typically adds its shows on their queu after the series finale airs, but seeing as season 1 still isn't on Netflix, as with many other HBO shows, it looks like we'll be without Westworld on Netflix as a streaming platform. But, rest assured, you'll be the first to know if anything changes! Until then, HBO directly, Amazon, or Hulu are probably your best bets!

Happy watching, Westworld fans!