When Will Scandal Season 7 Be On Netflix? (UPDATED)


When will Scandal Season 7 come to Netflix?

When Will Scandal Season 7 Be On Netflix? (UPDATED APRIL 23)

Scandal Season 7 just aired on ABC and we bet that you want in on all the action on the final season, right? Well, you're in luck! Get ready to catch all the juicy details on what's going down with Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington)! We've got all the details on Scandal Season 7, from spoilers and predictions to sneak peek clips of your favorite Scandal characters. But, fans are still wondering when will Scandal Season 7 be on Netflix?


Will Scandal Season 7 Stream On Netflix When It Airs On ABC?

Sadly, it looks like Scandal Season 7 will not be available to stream on Netflix as soon as it airs on ABC. The latest episode of Scandal has never been added to Netflix in real time. We're expecting to see Scandal Season 7 on Netflix's catalogue after the series finale airs on ABC.

But, if you are looking for a streaming service to watch Scandal Season 7 the night of or after it airs on ABC, you can always watch Scandal with a subscription to Hulu.


When Will Scandal Season 7 Be On Netflix?

If you're wondering when the Scandal Season 7 release date for Netflix is, then we've got some bad news. Since Season 7 has just aired its premiere episode, we aren't expecting a Netflix release anytime soon.

However, we know that Netflix will typically release shows from ABC about a month after that season's finale. So, following that timeline, we're expecting to see Scandal Season 7 pop up on our Netflix accounts about a month after the series finale. So, stay tuned!

But here's hoping that Shonda Rhimes' recent Netflix deal will add the latest Shondaland shows to Netflix ASAP.

Update: Season 7 of Scandal will come out on Netflix on May 19, 2018.


Scandal Season 7 airs every Thursday on ABC at 9|8c! Will you be watching?

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