When Will 'Reputation' Be On Spotify, Apple Music, And Pandora? (UPDATED)


When Will 'Reputation' Be On Spotify, Apple Music, And Pandora? Taylor Swift fans are dying to know!

When Will 'Reputation' Be On Spotify, Apple Music, And Pandora? Taylor Swift Fans Are Dying To Know!

It's been a week now since Taylor Swift's 'Reputation' album dropped, but fans everywhere are wondering when the album will be on streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora. While rumors circulated that 'Reputation' would be added to stream after one week from the album's release, fans were heartbroken when they realized 'Reputation' was not made available to stream online when they woke up this morning. So, when will 'Reputation' be on Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora?

UPDATED: Swift has finally added 'Reputation' to streaming websites. You can stream 'Reputation' on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Tidal, and more as of December 1, 2017!


When Will 'Reputation' Be On Spotify?

If you were wondering when Taylor Swift's 'Reputation' will be on Spotify, you're in for some disappointment, for the time being anyway. According to Metro, Spotify is in the talks with Swift's camp to determine when the album will be available.

So, there is it for now. We don't know when 'Reputation' will be on Spotify, but we'll find out soon. So, stay tuned to us! We'll let you know as soon as the album is added to Spotify.


When Will 'Reputation' Be On Apple Music?

Unfortunately, much like Spotify, we don't know when 'Reputation' will be on Apple Music. As of Friday, 'Reputation' was still not available to stream on Apple Music. Considering you can buy 'Reputation' through iTunes anyways, we're hoping that Swift's album will be available through Apple Music soon, too.


When Will 'Reputation' Be On Pandora?

While Swift added her discography added back to Pandora earlier this year, she has yet to add any songs from 'Reputation' to Pandora. And while Pandora's competitor, iHeartRadio, was given an exclusive pass to Swift's album upon release, the album was only available for a limited time and has since been pulled.

Until then, you can listen to Swift's 'Reputation' singles through these streaming platforms.


Why Isn't 'Reputation' Available To Stream Online?

While we're waiting to hear from Swift's camp, we're hopeful that we, at the very least, don't have to wait almost a year for Taylor to add 'Reputation' to Spotify like what happened when '1989' was released. Right? Right?

But, according to Variety, some insiders felt that Swift would likely withhold 'Reputation' from all streaming services in a similar way to what she did with '1989' to "maximize the amount of money she can bring in from physical's much-higher profit margin."


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