When Will Grey's Anatomy End? Shonda Rhimes And Ellen Pompeo Made A Pact

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When will Grey's Anatomy end? Will Season 14 be the show's last season? Is Grey's Anatomy getting renewed in 2017?

When Will Grey's Anatomy End? | 2017

Chances are if you love Grey's Anatomy, someone somewhere has asked you, "Is Grey's Anatomy still on?" You probably roll your eyes and mutter, "yes", but feel sort of sorry for the poor fool who has never experienced the incredible drama that is Grey's Anatomy. Although we're all happy that Grey's has been on for so long, we can't help but wonder when Grey's Anatomy will end? How much longer will Grey's Anatomy be renewed after Season 14? Well, we all have to wait and see what showrunner Shonda Rhimes and Ellen Pompeo want. And that is terrifying.

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While celebrating the 300th episode of Grey's Anatomy, Shonda Rhimes told E! News that the show will be over once Ellen Pompeo no longer wants to play Meredith Grey. So, despite hitting a huge milestone in television history, Rhimes can't guarantee another 300 episodes for Grey's.

"Ellen and I have a pact that I'm going to do the show as long as she's going to do the show," Rhimes said. "So the show will exist as long as both of us want to do it. If she wants to stop, we're stopping."

Although Rhimes isn't sure if they're going to end up making 600 episodes of Grey's, she wants to make Grey's the best it can and that she wants to "keep it feeling fresh."

Rhimes said, "As long as there are fresh stories to tell and as long as we're both excited about the stories being told, we're in. So we'll see where that takes us."

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But, does this mean that Grey's Anatomy will end soon? Well, Shonda believes that Grey's will last longer than NBC's medical show ER, which ran for a long 15 seasons.

This means that at least Grey's Anatomy's showrunner believes that the show will run past next season. Do you?

How long do you think Grey's Anatomy will run? Will you stick around until the very end?


Grey's Anatomy Season 14 returns to ABC every Thursday at 8|7c!

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