When Will Archer Season 9 Be On Hulu?


When Will Archer Season 9 Be On Hulu?

The FXX hit animated sitcom, Archer just released its ninth season, and it's as dysfunctional as ever. And a lot has changed since the series premiered back in 2009, including how we watch the show. So, when will Archer season 9 be on Hulu? Now that the show moved from Netflix to Hulu this winter, can we expect new Archer episodes online anytime soon? Don't worry about a thing. We dug around for details on the Archer season 9 release date on Hulu. So, stay tuned.

But first, what's coming in season 9 of Archer? The series premiered on April 25, 2018, and a lot has changed. While we've all been freaking about the fate of Archer (H. Jon Benjamin), who was found shot in Veronica's pool in the season seven finale, it looks like we're going to have to wait a bit longer. Season nine has been taking place in 1939, and been dubbed Archer Danger Island. Although this season's Archer cast has been the same as previous seasons, they have been voicing different versions of our favorite characters.

In Danger Island, the rebooted Archer characters are similar in personality. However, they have different relationships and roles in the series. Archer is an alcoholic co-pilot with Pam (Amber Nash). The two then crash land on an island. And yes, anything can happen. Excited to watch the series? Here's when season 9 will be on Hulu!

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Will Archer Season 9 Be On Hulu?

Is Archer season 9 going to be on Hulu? We know that season 1-8 are already on the popular streaming service, but will the ninth installment of the series be added in the future? You bet! Since Hulu just got ahold of Archer, we don't expect the series to be let go anytime soon. But, you'll be the first to know if anything changes.

So, when will Archer be added to Hulu?

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When Will Archer Season 9 Be On Hulu?

Unfortunately, it looks like Archer season 9 doesn't have a release date on Hulu just yet. Seeing as the series premiere did not air on Hulu's streaming service in April, we won't see new episodes on Hulu as the show airs live on FXX. However, we can probably see the entire season to be added to stream online after the season finale airs live. But, when will this be?

Archer season 8 was released on April 5, 2017 and went on for eight weeks until the season finale on May 24, 2017. The series was then released on February 5, 2018. So, if we follow the same schedule as last year, then we can expect Archer season 9 to be added on Hulu's queu sometime February of 2019. But, make sure to check back with us. We'll update you once we know.

Can't wait to watch Archer season 9 online? Here's where you can catch new episodes right now!

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Archer Season 9 Watch Online

While you can't watch the new season on Hulu just yet, here are a few places you can catch the latest season right now!

If you want to watch the series online and live, you can catch season nine on Hulu Live TV even if you don't have cable! This means that you can watch the show when it airs on FXX live if it's available in your area! You'll also have access to Hulu's streaming library.

If you want to watch episodes anytime and anywhere, you can always try watching online through iTunes or Amazon. This will allow you to catch new episodes at your own leisure, and you can choose between buying individual episodes every week for buy a season pass, which will give you the full season, so that you only have to worry about waiting for the release date to watch!