When Will American Horror Story Season 7 Be On Netflix?


When will AHS: Cult be on Netflix US? When will American Horror Story Season 7 come to Netflix? We've got your answers here!

When Will American Horror Story Season 7 Be On Netflix US?

American Horror Story: Cult (AHS: Cult) just aired its Season 7 finale and fans were left shocked with hints of a secret organization. After a thrilling and phobia-inducing season, which was inspired by the 2016 presidential election, but the AHS: Cult finale certainly left on a pretty badass note. However, AHS fans everywhere are wondering where they can rewatch or catch up with all the AHS Season 7 mysteries and horror. So, when will American Horror Story Season 7 be on Netflix?


Will American Horror Story Season 7 Stream On Netflix When It Airs On FX?

Seeing as American Horror Story: Cult just finished airing its season finale, the show will not add each AHS episode to Netflix. In fact, American Horror Story Season 7 was not added to Netflix as it aired on FX at all. But, this is simply due to the nature of Netflix as a platform. They add full seasons to their site, not full episodes. So, is there hope that American Horror Story Season 7 will be added to Netflix eventually? Definitely!

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Will American Horror Story* Season 7 Come To Netflix At All?

For those of you wondering if AHS: Cult will be released to Netflix, we're afraid that we don't know the full answer. In July of this year, Hulu struck a deal with 20th Century Fox Television, which includes content from FX. While Netflix has already let go of popular series like How I Met Your Mother and Don’t Trust the B—in Apartment 23, American Horror Story Seasons 1-6 are all still on Netflix. While this gives us hope that American Horror Story Season 7 will be on Netflix in the future, we're just going to have to wait and see.


When Will American Horror Story Season 7 Be On Netflix?

If American Horror Story Season 7 will be added to Netflix's catalogue in the future, we bet it'll happen on the same timeline as AHS Season 6. So, when will AHS: Cult be added to Netflix? Seeing as Season 6 was added right before Season 7 premiered on FX, we're expecting AHS Season 7 to be released on Netflix in October 2018.

Luckily, if you can't wait, you can watch AHS Seasons 1-6 on Netflix right now!


Where Can I Watch American Horror Story Season 7?

If you really can't wait to watch American Horror Story Season 7 on Netflix, then you can always catch up on the season on FX's AHS: Cult website for free. However, you're going to have to sign into your cable provider to do so. But, at least you'll be all caught up on American Horror Story: Cult!


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