When Does The Good Doctor Come Back | Season 2 Return


When Does The Good Doctor Come Back | Season 2 Return

The premiere season of The Good Doctor has left fans electrified. But, the finale episode for season 1 of The Good Doctor aired on March 19, which means we won't see anything new for the next few weeks. However, fans of the show are adament to find out what happens next to Shaun (Freddie Highmore), Dr. Glassman (Richard Schiff), Claire (Antonia Thomas), and the rest of our favorite people at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. Naturally, fans everywhere are asking: when does The Good Doctor come back? When will The Good Doctor return for season 2? Meanwhile, where can you watch The Good Doctor online while you wait for the season 2 premiere?

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When Does The Good Doctor Come Back For Season 2?

We're sad to announce that the date for the new season of The Good Doctor has yet to be released, but we're hoping that that information will be revealed soon. We do know that The Good Doctor was renewed for a second season a week before the finale.

The renewal for The Good Doctor was expected, as TGD averaged 10 million viewers with a 1.8 demo rating, which makes it one of ABC's most watched shows and highest-rated programs behind Grey's Anatomy.

So, don't forget to join in on the fun for season 2! We'll update this post as soon as the official announcement is made, so that you will know when The Good Doctor returns to ABC as soon as we can.

But, when should the show come back?

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The Good Doctor Season 2 Release Date Predictions

We expect The Good Doctor season 2 to return sometime in September or October of 2018, since that was when season one was released the previous year. ABC will want to replicate that success, right? But, since it's the second season, there is no set pattern for the release date of The Good Doctor.

And what about non-American audiences like the UK? Well, Sky Living airs new episodes of the show, and is history serves, the second season of the series will debut on Sky about a month after it airs on ABC.

Now that you are settled, where can you catch up with TGD season 1 while you wait for season 2? Here's where you can watch The Good Doctor season 1 with or without cable before it returns!

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Where To Watch The Good Doctor Episodes On TV

The last new episode of The Good Doctor aired in March, but it's unclear when the show will start back up again for season 2. Unfortunately, we also aren't sure if ABC will air reruns of season one while we wait for season two to be released. You are welcome to check your local listings so that you don't miss a single rerun on cable television!

If you don't have cable, but still would like to catch reruns live on television, you can try to watch through Hulu Live TV. However, you should still check local listings if you want to watch it, seeing as ABC will not be airing reruns of the show in the next two weeks as of this writeup. However, you'll be able to watch it online live once season 2 premieres. You'll also have access to Hulu's entire streaming catalog, which does include TGD.

Speaking of Hulu, if you aren't into watching shows live on air, we've got where you can watch The Good Doctor full episodes online.

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Where To Watch The Good Doctor Episodes Online

Dying to rewatch all of your favorite The Good Doctor moments? Well, you have a few options for watching it online.

While you are waiting for Empire season 2 to start, you can watch all of your favorite episodes online. The first place you should check out is the ABC website. ABC adds new episodes of their television shows when they air. And this is no different for The Good Doctor. However, their streaming policy allows the five most recent episodes or episodes within a certain time frame to be available for free. Past that, the episode becomes locked and you have to sign into your cable provider to watch them.

Don't have cable? The Good Doctor is available on Hulu, which means that if you have a Hulu subscription, you can watch it online anytime you want through the streaming platform. You'll also have access to new episodes of season 2 when they come out as well!

Not a fan of subscription services when it comes to your television? You can also purchase The Good Doctor season 1 on Amazon and iTunes to customize what you want to see! Buy the full season or individual episodes to watch whenever and however you want!