When Does The Coachella Schedule Come Out? 2018


When Does The Coachella Schedule Come Out? 2018 Release Date

If you love music festivals, you're probably gearing up for Coachella right about now. But, how can you prep when you're missing one vital piece of information? Everyone is wondering when does the Coachella schedule come out? It's 2018. We need to know the 2018 Coachella set times as soon as possible. The music festival starts on Friday, April 13th and goes until Sunday, April 22nd. Now, that's a week away. Cutting it a little close, isn't it? So, when will the Coachella set times be released to the public? We've got all the details on Coachella! So, stay tuned!

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When Does The Coachella Schedule Come Out?

We've gotten into the habit of having release dates for release dates. But, this isn't the movies. We don't really need a release date for Coachella's schedule, do we? Actually, we kind of do. We're getting a little anxious here. Unfortunately, as of this writeup, we don't know when the Coachella set times will be. Luckily, we can guess when the schedule will be released. Want our best guess? Keep reading.

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When Did The Coachella Schedule Come Out In 2017?

So, we can guess when the Coachella schedule for 2018 will be released. Last year, the 2017 Coachella schedule came out on April 11, 2017, when the festival went through Sunday, April 14th to 16th. Since Coachella 2018 will start on April 13th so we'll probably see the lineup schedule announced 3 days before the festival begins as well. So, the schedule will likely come out on April 10th this year. But, don't fret! We'll update this post with the full lineup once it's announced! It's coming soon! So, get ready!

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