When Does Snapchat Update Your Location On Snapmap? | 2017


When does Snapmap update your location? Need to learn how to use Snapchat's Snapmap properly? We've got you covered!

When Does Snapchat Update Your Location On Snapmap? | 2017

Snapchat's Snapmap continues to be one of Snapchat's more intrusive features. From automatically updating your location without you knowing to showing all of your friends where to find out exactly where you are, Snapmap could potentially be a stalker's dream. While we have fallen in love with the Snapchat Snapmap Ghost Mode, for those of us actually using Snapmap, when does Snapchat update your location on Snapmap? When does Snapmap update your location for your friends to see? We've got your answer here!


When Does SnapMap Update Your Location?

Luckily, you can only see someone's location if you are already friends with them and you choose to either select that person to see your Snapmap location or you only share it with all your friends (if you didn't already turn your phone on Ghost Mode, that is). But, does Snapmap update your location while you're on the move? Does Snapchat always know where you are?

The simple answer is no. Snapmap does not update your location all the time. Your location will only update on Snapmap when you have the Snapchat app open. So, Snapmap will not update in the background. Awesome news, right?


Now, you can go off and roam free without feeling like Snapchat is constantly watching you. Well, as long as you don't have your Snapchat app open, that is.

Have fun and be safe!

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