When Does Colton Jump the Fence on 'The Bachelor'? Fans Are Tired of Waiting

when does colton jump the fence the bachelor
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Bachelor Nation NEEDS to know!

Here's When (And Why) Colton Jumps The Fence On 'The Bachelor'

I'm just going to say it. When the juiciest piece of drama that you have is the chance of seeing the lead hops a fence, you know you've got yourself a boring season. Yet, here we are. I – like millions of other members of Bachelor Nation – have been "patiently" waiting to see Colton jump the fence on The Bachelor. And honestly, I'm tired of waiting. After all of the promos teasing the now-infamous fence jump since the first trailer teasing that this was going to be The Bachelor's "most dramatic season yet," I'm getting a little annoyed that we haven't seen anything in the actual show that signifies that it's coming soon. Thank god we have the internet, right?

Well, after doing a bit of sleuthing, I've got a bit of good information for anyone who is still asking 'when does Colton jump the fence on The Bachelor' – because at this point, we all deserve to know. Just be warned that this article contains spoilers at the end.

But first, a tribute to everyone who was fooled into thinking the fence jump was going to happen in the episode that aired on Feb. 18. Here's looking at you, Chris Harrison.

When Will Colton Jump The Fence?

So if it's Feb. 25 and you're wondering why Colton still hasn't jumped the fence, then just know that Colton revealed exactly when Bachelor Nation would be seeing the big jump on Feb. 19.

In a reply to writer Kirsten King, who made a cake that said "Most Dramatic Jump Yet" in bright red frosting, Colton explained that fans wouldn't be seeing the big event for another two weeks.

Excuse me?

Yes, in the tweet, Colton simply wrote, "2 more weeks...But this cake looks awesome. #TheBachelor." And that's it.

That means that although The Bachelor has been hyping the fence jump all season long and even hinted that it was coming soon, if what Colton wrote is true, we won't see anything until Mar. 4. If it happens as a cliffhanger to the Mar. 4 episode, then we won't know what happens until the week after.

So what made our boy jump?

Why Did Colton Jump The Fence on 'The Bachelor'?

Warning: The rest of this article contains potential spoilers for the end of season 23.

This is your final warning. From this point forward we spill the details on who Colton chooses at the end of the season and why the fence jump supposedly happens, according to Reality Steve\, who hasn't led us astray yet.

In Reality Steve's Episode-By-Episode recap, it was revealed that Colton chooses Cassie, and he tells her on their overnight date. However, surprise, surprise. Cassie was not ready to get engaged yet and left the show. Reality Steve claims that this is when Colton does his anticipated fence jump. Though, it seems that Reality Steve is still a bit skeptical as to how the producers will edit the jump, saying "I guess we'll see if it plays out as actually the time where he jumps the fence."

While we're excited to finally know the cause of the jump, we can't help but feel a little bit sad for Colton. This was legitimately his worst fear being played out on screen. But, according to Reality Steve, it seems that the couple eventually got back together and are now dating. So it's not all bad, right?

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