What Time Does The Voice Come On Tonight?

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What time does The Voice come on tonight (May 22, 2018) and where can I watch it? What time is The Voice on tonight?

What Time Does The Voice Come On Tonight? | May 22, 2018

We're down to the wire for the auditions stage of The Voice season 14, with the judges picking their final singers. After last season's exciting win, who will be the next Voice? But for now, who will be on Team Blake, Team Kelly, Team Adam, and Team Alicia for 2018? We're just dying to know what happens in the finale! But, we bet you're also wondering what time does The Voice come on tonight, Tuesday, May 22, 2018? What time is The Voice on today? Is The Voice on tonight? It has to! Seeing as it's the finale episode. Also, how long is The Voice tonight? And find out where to watch The Voice season 14 online! Well, don't fret! We've got all your Voice answers here!

So, who won The Voice season 14? Click here for details on the finale!

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What Time Does The Voice Come On Tonight, May 22?

While we know that The Voice airs every Monday and Tuesday on NBC, what time is The Voice on tonight, May 22? After the new season began and with American Idol returning on ABC this year, we can't be too sure! Especially since we're nearing finale season. However, The Voice comes on at 8 PM Eastern/ 7 PM Central! So, don't worry about a change in schedule!

If you want to watch the recent season, but don't have cable, try watching The Voice season 14 on Hulu Live TV! You can then watch episodes on Hulu's streaming library, which is included with Live! You can also choose to watch the episode later through Hulu Plus. But, for other ways of watching the show and for how long The Voice is on tonight, keep reading!

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How Long Is The Voice On Tonight?

Wondering if you'll get an extra long episode of The Voice tonight? Well, the answer is yes. The next episode is two hours long after a recap episode at 8/7c. This means that the show will be on for three hours on Tuesday night. Can you handle the stress jam-packed into three hours? We certainly can't! Now, it's time to find out where you can catch the latest episode so you don't miss a thing!

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Where Can I Watch The Voice Season 14 Live On TV?

You can watch The Voice Season 14 on May 22 at 8|7c on NBC. You should always look to NBC if you're looking for latest episodes of The Voice. The show is aired live.

The Voice Season 14: Watch Online On The ABC For Free

If you're a fan of The Voice and can't catch tonight's episode as it airs on NBC, then you can watch it on NBC's official The Voice website for free. Yes, for free! You're just going to have to wait through some online ads!

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The Voice Season 14: Watch Online - Netflix

Unfortunately, you won't be able to watch the The Voice Season 14 on Netflix as it airs on NBC. In fact, old episodes of The Voice aren't even available on Netflix at this time. We're just going to have to wait and see!

The Voice Season 14: Watch Online - Hulu

We've got some pretty amazing news! If you love The Voice, you can watch the latest episode on Hulu! You can even watch The Voice Season 14 on Hulu a few hours after it airs on ABC if you missed it live!

Are you ready for The Voice tonight?


Watch The Voice On NBC!

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