What Time Does Stranger Things Come Out On Netflix? | 27 October 2017

Stranger Things, Season 2

What time does 'Stranger Things 2' come out on Netflix tonight? Plus details on the new season of Stranger Things!

What Time Does Stranger Things Come Out On Netflix Tonight? | 27 October 2017

Stranger Things surprised Netflix watchers everywhere, with a chilling and intense storyline along with fantastic characters. We've been patiently waiting for Stranger Things 2 to come out so that we can finally find out if Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) is truly gone and what's to come for Will (Noah Schnapp) after his time in the Upside Down. But, fans everywhere are wondering what time does Stranger Things come out on Netflix on Friday, October 27, 2017, and where can they watch Stranger Things 2 online? Don't worry! We've got all your Stranger Things answers here!

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What Time Does Stranger Things Come Out On Netflix?

While we know that Stranger Things will air on Friday, we're left wondering what time does Stranger Things come out on Netflix on October 27th? Does Stranger Things come out at midnight? Since Netflix is airing Stranger Things all at once, there's not a set time every week. However, it looks like Netflix will premiere Stranger Things 2 at 3 AM EST | 12 AM PST on October 27th. That means that Stranger Things 2 will air tonight on Netflix! Are you excited? Will you be watching Stranger Things as soon as it comes out?


Where Can I Watch Stranger Things 2 On TV?

Unfortunately, Stranger Things isn't on a network that you can watch with a basic cable plan. In fact, the show won't be on cable at all. Stranger Things is a Netflix original.

Can I Watch Stranger Things 2 Online For Free?

Unfortunately, you can't watch Stranger Things 2 for free anywhere. Like we mentioned before, Stranger Things is a Netflix original, meaning you need to pay for a Netflix subscription to watch it.


Stranger Things 2 Watch Online On Netflix

If you're looking where to watch Stranger Things 2, Netflix is exactly where you want to go. With a Netflix subscription, you can watch Stranger Things Season 1 anytime and Season 2 as soon as it premieres on Friday. But don't forget to set your TV or computer settings to watch Stranger Things how it was intended!


What's Going To Happen In Stranger Things 2?

Here's everything that's going down in Stranger Things 2.

It's 1984 and the citizens of Hawkins, Indiana are still reeling from the horrors of the demogorgon and the secrets of Hawkins Lab. Will Byers has been rescued from the Upside Down but a bigger, sinister entity still threatens those who survived.

Are you ready for Stranger Things 2 to come out on Netflix tonight?


Watch Stranger Things 2 starting Friday at 12:00 AM PST on Netflix!

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