What Is The Instagram Direct App? The Standalone App Could Replace DMs

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What Is The Instagram Direct App?

What Is The Instagram Direct App?

Both Instagram and Facebook have undergone a lot of change since Facebook bought out Instagram back in 2012. Now, Instagram is testing a new direct messaging system, much like Facebook's standalone app, called Instagram Direct. The Instagram Direct app could potentially wipe out the need for the direct messaging system that is already in place within the original Instagram app. So, what is the Instagram Direct app? Also, will Instagram Direct replace DMs on Instagram? Here's everything you need to know about the Instagram Direct app!


What Is The Instagram Direct App?

The Verge was the first to discover Instagram's test of the standalone app. While we are wondering why DMs need to be moved to an app of its own, Instagram hopes that building the Direct app will allow the best experience for users.

"We want Instagram to be a place for all of your moments, and private sharing with close friends is an important part of that," said Instagram product manager, Hemal Shah. "Direct has grown within Instagram over the past four years, but we can make it even better if it stands on its own. We can push the boundaries to create the fastest and most creative space for private sharing when Direct is a camera-first, standalone app."


How Does The Direct App Work?

Wondering how to use the Instagram Direct app? In its current experimental state, Direct has only three screens. The application opens with the camera, similar to Snapchat. If you swipe left of the camera, you'll see your profile screen, which will let you adjust settings, switch accounts, and explore Instagram. On the right, you'll see your inbox filled with messages.

How To Go From Direct To Instagram

While we're afraid of the back and forth between the Direct and Instagram app that is inevitable, designers built in a system that allows you to go from your Direct inbox to Instagram. If you start to swipe right of the Direct inbox, an Instagram logo will pop up. If you swipe all the way to the right, Direct will automatically open Instagram.

How To Go From Instagram To Direct

On the other hand, if you swipe right on the Instagram app, you'll see the Direct logo and if you swipe completely right, you'll be taken back to Direct. Pretty simple, right?


Will The Instagram Direct App Replace DMs?

We're afraid that if this Instagram Direct app gets past testing and introduced to the public, much like the Facebook Messenger app, you will have to have Instagram and Direct to use direct messaging (DMs). So, that means that Direct will replace DMs if they choose to use the platform.


Where Is The Instagram Direct App Available?

Wondering why Direct isn't available on your app store? Sadly, you cannot get the Instagram Direct app here in the US. Direct is available for testing on Android and iOS today in only six countries: Chile, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, and Uruguay.

Also, if you have more unanswered Instagram questions you can always go directly to the source for answers by going to Instagram's Help Center.


Would you use the Instagram Direct App?

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