5 Unknown Hot Flash Cures That You Should Probably Know

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Will you stop at nothing when it comes to hot flash cures?

Hot Flash Remedies You Need to Implement Right Now

You cannot think of menopause without thinking of hot flashes. They're one of the most common symptoms and are characterized by the sudden feeling of warmth throughout your body, often resulting in a flushed fash and sweating. And they are called night sweats if they happen while you sleep.

So clearly, hot flashes are anything but comfortable when it comes to living your everyday life. So, we'll stop at nothing when it comes to discovering a cure for hot flashes, whether it's using things like essential oils for temporary relief or even the more commonly known methods of estrogen therapy.

But what are some hot flash remedies that are lesser-known? While they may not be as effective as hormone therapy, we've got a few methods that you might not have thought of that could potentially help you deal with your hot flashes.

Please remember that we are not doctors. If you have further questions or concerns, please reach out to a trusted medical professional.

1. Acupuncture

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Recent studies have shown that acupuncture could lead to less frequent and severe hot flashes when compared to no treatment. However, it's still possible that the relief is due to the placebo effect and more study needs to occur before a decision can be made. So if you decide on acupuncture, then please seek a licenced professional.

2. Implement Lifestyle Changes

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According to the North American Menopause Society, if your hot flashes are mild enough, then it's possible that you will find relief in a few lifestyle changes that ensure that your body stays cool. Here are a few things that they suggest:

  • Avoid staying in warm rooms
  • Try not to consume hot drinks, hot foods, alcohol, caffeine
  • Do not smoke
  • Stay cool by wearing lighter layers of clothing made of breathable fabric
  • Reduce your stress by sleeping well
  • Exercise regularly
  • Find ways to stay cool while you sleep

3. Essential Oils

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Like we mentioned before, you can try using essential oils to help remedy your hot flashes. While this is scientifically debatable, some women do find that it helps when you apply the oils to different areas on the body.

4. Antidepressants

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If you are looking for a nonhormone treatment but are still open to medication, then you can talk to your doctors about taking antidepressants such as paroxetine for your hot flashes and night sweats. However, you should be aware that the common side effects include dry mouth, nausea, nervousness, restlessness, insomnia, and sexual problems.

5. Dietary Supplements

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According to The Mayo Clinic, you can also take dietary supplements such as vitamin E to offer relief for mild hot flashes. However, you should still ask your doctor about taking supplements for hot flashes and night sweats, as with any form of medication.

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