Tonight's Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Finale Destroyed Us


And in so many more ways than usual!

After 13 extraordinary seasons, Grey's Anatomy sure knows how to put on an explosive season finale! From beginning to end, we were on the edge of our seats (whether we liked it or not). And per usual, by the end of the episode, we might have even lost one of our own. So, here is every thought we had while watching the Grey's Season 13 finale! It's been a hell of a ride!


At the start of the episode, there was only one thought on our minds: WHERE. IS. EDWARDS!? When she graced our screens completely alive and seemingly well, we all let out a gasp of relief!

2. Oh God, Jackson! He's EXACTLY The Type Of Person To Walk INTO A Fire

When Jackson ran into Grey Sloan to save Edwards, we were ecstatic! It wasn't until April reminded us that he once jumped into a burning bus explosion and almost died where we realized that this could go horribly, horribly wrong!

3. Edwards Is SUCH A Badass

OMG. We all fell in love with Edwards' badass-ery when she dressed Erin's wounds and then continuously Sherlock-ed her way out of every dire situation.

4. WTF Is Nathan Doing? WTF Is Meredith Doing?

Okay, yes. They were saving a patient. And Nathan couldn't just leave a person's lungs out on full display without closing up, but still! Meredith is the queen of disasters! ANYTHING could have gone wrong!

5. What An Awkward April, Jackson, and Maggie Moment

It was pretty funny when both Maggie and April were yelling at Jackson...but things got a little weird after April (and the audience) noticed that it was because Maggie had the feels for Jackson. Talk about awkward...

6. I'm Not Sure If I Like It, Though

And in all honesty, we aren't sure how we feel about the pairing between Jackson and Maggie, and it looks like fans aren't either. Japril hasn't even been addressed since their Montana trip! But, it looks like April might be backing down because she told Maggie to tell him. Guess we're just going to have to wait until next season to know for sure!


We had such high hopes, but in true Shondaland fashion, Edwards didn't have her key card so they couldn't get out! In that moment, all of our hearts were crushed.

8. Stephanie, Come Back!!

To make matters worse, Edwards ran into the thickening smoke. Let's be real here, we all screamed at our televisions.

9. Stephanie And Erin Made It Out! Praise!

It was like we were right there with them. As soon as they exited the building, it was like a weight was lifted from our chests. And there were audible sighs of relief when they did.

10. Mer & Nathan Made It Back, Too! Score!

PHEW! Even if we didn't get to see it, we're pretty happy that Meredith and Riggs made it back! Ahem, excuse us for thinking that the worst will happen when it comes to Meredith and disasters.


HOW DO YOU FORGET TO TELL THE POLICE THAT ONE OF YOUR RESIDENTS IS MISSING?! Especially Edwards, who supported you and your program!? How dare you, Minnick!

12. Bless You Ben Warren!

Ladies and 'gents, he's a man who can do it all! Doctor, firefighter, detective? Check, check, and check!


She just went through hell and back fighting for a child's life and her own! When she fainted, we all panicked. Luckily, she woke up.

14. Meredith Has Grown SO Much

Honestly, we're super proud of our girl, Mer. This could have been Addison and Derek 2.0. Mer could have fallen apart, but she didn't. And she was the one who told Riggs that Megan was alive. She did the mature thing. The good thing.

15. Owen? Say Something! What're You Doing?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Poor Owen. He was freaking out throughout the WHOLE episode. But, is his PTSD coming back? Is he just worried about what she'll think of him for living his life without her? What's going through his head? Another thing we'll have to see next season!

16. YAAAS, BAILEY! Roast Her!

Our eyes narrowed when Minnick said that she might have forgotten about Edwards, but she was just ~doing her job. We screamed when she blamed it on Webber for not following protocol. But, thank the Shondaland lords for Bailey! Minnick has been fired! Balance has now been restored at Grey Sloan Memorial!

17. Goodbye, Edwards. You Were Extraordinary!

Honestly, the little speech she said to Richard shredded our hearts into a million pieces. We're over the moon that she didn't die, but quitting is just as hard! Perhaps this isn't entirely the end, but who knows? Whatever happens, thank you, Edwards. You were extraordinary!

18. OMG Poor Meredith

After everything that had happened, we realized we aren't sure what this means for Meredith and Riggs. Although we're super happy that she was mature about the situation with Riggs, we fell apart when it looked like the couple would kiss and then awkwardly stopped. We just want Meredith to find happiness!!

19. Wait, Is That IT?

As excited as we are for Megan's official debut (as well as the drama that will come with it), we were pretty shocked to see that there weren't any crazy plot twists at the very end of the episode! Did we miss something? Or is Season 14 going to start off with a bang? What're you up to, Shonda?

20. Wait, Where Is Alex?

Last we saw, Karev was sent off to look for Erin. But, where did he go off to? Did his arc just end once he ran into Jo's ex-husband? Maybe we're just used to seeing more of him, but something doesn't feel right. And we've got a long time before we find out for sure!

What did you think of the finale? Are you excited for Season 14, Grey's fans?!

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