4 Nausea Relief Tips That Will Have You Bouncing Back In No Time

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Wondering how to get rid of nausea?

Our Favorite Tips for Nausea Relief

Are you trying to get rid of your nausea? You're not alone.

Whether it's induced by pregnancy or your stomach just isn't cooperating, nausea is something that no one should have to deal with. So to make your life easier, we've gathered our favorite tips for nausea relief, from natural remedies to quick tricks that we do to ease our nausea.

However, you need to know that we are not doctors and these tips are not a cure for nausea. Rather, they are fast fixes and are meant to give you comfort. Please consult a trusted medical professional if you have further questions or if the nausea persists.


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If you want a natural way to help you deal with nausea, then you can try aromatherapy, specifically using scents like lemon and peppermint for their ability to reduce stress. Peppermint has been correlated with reduced nausea symptoms in multiple studies. In a study, done in 2014, researchers found that peppermint aromatherapy was effective in about 57% of their cases. Another study found that peppermint aromatherapy helped reduce about 44% of cases within 2 minutes of treatment. You can also try peppermint tea to help relieve nausea symptoms.

Eat Some Ginger

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If you're still on the natural remedy route, then you can try to eat a bit of ginger. Ginger has been known to reduce symptoms of nausea for generations, including nausea in people during pregnancy as well as people who undergo chemotherapy.


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Practicing meditation or using breathing techniques can help reduce nausea that is caused by stress or anxiety. In a study, researchers found that mindful meditation can actually help you reverse effects of physical and psychological stress on the human body.

Sit Upright

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When you are feeling nauseous, you might want to scrunch up into a ball in the comfort of your own bed. But, you shouldn't.

Instead, you should try to sit up straight since lying down and crunching your stomach can actually make your nausea worse.

Also, if you have just eaten, then lying down can make your gastric juices rise, which may increase nausea. So try not to lie down after eating.

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