This OG "Grey's Anatomy" Character Wasn't In The Original Pilot!

And we thank our lucky stars they made it in!

Grey's Anatomy has been around for a whopping twelve years (and counting)! Its popularity, writing, fanbase have made it one of the most successful medical dramas in television history! Can you even think of what life would be like without Grey's, exactly how it is now?

Now, Elle has reported some secrets Shonda Rhimes spilled on early renditions of Grey's in her Masterclass on television writing.


For example, Shonda revealed that the original title was supposed to be called Surgeons. Talk about lame!

Shonda also spilled that Alex Karev, who is played by Justin Chambers, wasn't in the original concept of the show! In fact, Alex wasn't even around when they shot the first episode!

So, that's why they made it so Alex was assigned to a different resident at first! But, even if he wasn't technically one of Bailey's interns from day one, we still consider him one of the OG interns!


I mean, could you even imagine the show without him? Who would have had hilarious banter with Cristina? Who would have been George's foil and inadvertent syphilis donor? Who would be our favorite bad boy? Who would be Meredith's person right now?? They're the only two left!!

At least we don't have to think about that because Karev is hopefully here to stay! But, we definitely have to thank the Shondaland lords for bringing us Alex Karev, because Grey's Anatomy without Alex is not something we ever want to experience!

Now, who wants to go back and rewatch all of Karev's best moments?!

h/t: Buzzfeed

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