This '13 Reasons Why' and 'Grey's Anatomy' Theory Has People Freaking Out!

And it's not about who you'd expect!

13 Reasons Why has only been released for two weeks and it's already breaking records and fostering all sorts of discussion. It's a clear hit and now the Internet has found a way to tie the show to Grey's Anatomy, another fan favorite available to stream on Netflix. But, it's probably not what you're expecting.


People who have seen both shows probably immediately recognized Kate Walsh, who plays Hannah Baker's mom in 13 Reasons Why *and* Addison Montgomery in both Grey's Anatomy and the spinoff Private Practice. While her performance was amazing and she's the obvious connection between the two shows, she's not the star of this fan theory.

Dylan Minette, who plays Clay Jenson in 13 Reasons, also played Ryan, the little boy born without external ears in Season 4 of Grey's. In the episode, Ryan received a pro bono ear surgery at Seattle Grace hospital done by Addison Montgomery's former lover, Mark Sloan! So, Ryan (aka Clay) was given new ears that allowed him to hear.

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In 13 Reasons, Clay's plot revolves around him listening to Hannah's tapes. To sum it up: Hannah's mom's former bae from the Grey's universe, gave Clay (again, in the Grey's universe) new ears and thus, the ability to hear and then share Hannah's story.

Got it?

Now, Twitter is going absolutely bonkers with this fan theory.

"Meredith Grey helped Clay Jensen get ears so he could listen to tapes left by Addison Montgomery's daughter," wrote one Twitter user.

"Good thing Mark Sloan gave this kid ears so he could listen to Hannah's tapes," wrote another user.

Considering Clay and Ryan are completely different characters, this theory is pretty far-fetched, to say the least. But, it is pretty interesting that both of their plot lines revolve around hearing.

What do you think about this fan theory?!

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h/t: Teen Vogue

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