5 Things You Need to Buy After a Bad Breakup

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We need a little retail therapy sometimes.

What to Buy After a Breakup

No matter how old you get, relationships and breakups are hard. They take a piece out of you and all you want to do is feel like you've somehow "won".

Some people take pictures and post them on social media. Others, like me, go shopping to fully "treat themselves" like they never have before.

Wondering what you can get after a breakup that will actually make you feel a little bit better with some time and your best gal pals by your side? Then keep on reading because here are the best things you can buy after a bad breakup.

This Fun Book

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If you're into witchcraft and you're looking for some entertainment, this book will be just the thing you need. Filled with witty and funny spells, this book could be just the thing you needed to bring a bit of fun back into your life.

A Gym Membership

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It seems like everyone wants a revenge bod these days. Just ask Khloe Kardashian. Regardless, working out is a great way to release tension and extra energy previously wasted on your ex. While you can choose any gym in your area or even a quick Youtube video at home, we love Classpass because you get to try out different classes in your area at any time.

Some New Lingerie

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Whether you decide to hit the gym or not, we recommend treating yourself to some new lingerie. Trust us, it's a fun way to get a quick boost of confidence and feel sexier than ever!

A Breakup Playlist

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No matter what you do after a breakup, don't listen to your favorite music. You'll never be able to listen to those songs again. Instead, make up a playlist of breakup songs that really get that angst out.

A Trip With Your Best Friends

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Hanging out with your friends is an excellent way to get through a breakup. So if you have the time and money, you should plan a quick getaway with your besties. Just get ready to relax and forget your ex.

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