5 Things That I Don’t Actually Need But Bring Me Joy

things that aren't important but give me joy
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Whatever floats your boat, right?

Things That I Don't Necessarily Need, But Bring My Life Joy

Along the years, material things seem to have gotten a bad rep.

We've been warned that materials things can't bring you happiness, that it distracts us from what really matters, like family and friends. While those things are important and having excess materialistic items that are expected to bring you joy beyond their purpose is silly, I think that there's a healthy balance that can be met. Because I, for one, actually enjoy having a few material things in my life.

Wondering what they are? I know you're curious (not really). However, I'm going to share them with you all anyway.

So without further adieu, here are a few things that I don't actually need, but bring me joy nonetheless.

This Beautiful Keyboard

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As a freelance writer, I found that it's important for your setup to be, well, exactly what you want it to be. I previously had an old chiclet keyboard and opted to switch to this Razer BlackWidow keyboard. Ever since, my wrists have been sitting comfortably and I get a jolt of happiness every time I see the keys light up.

And This Monitor Mount

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I'm the type of person who needs a clean desk in order to work. Using a monitor mount makes it so my dual monitors don't clutter up my desk, leaving ample space for everything else.

This Silk Pillowcase

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My hair has definitely thanked me for this pillowcase. While I was initially a nonbeliever, my hair has lost its frizzy morning glow, leaving me with smoother and healthier looking hair.

A Hulu Live Subscription

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I have been a cord-cutter since I first started university. I hated paying for cable. In the past year, I have learned about the magic of Hulu Live. Not only do I get to watch a few of my favorite shows live, but I also get access to Hulu's entire streaming library. As a television junkie, it's all I could ever ask for.

Pokémon Go

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After living in Missouri for 23 years, where the only predictable weather is that no matter what happens, it will suck, I realized that I don't really like going outside. Now that I live in California, I have discovered a new love for hiking and taking brief walks throughout the day. The thing that helped me? Pokémon Go. Yes, it might sound lame, but playing with this app has gotten me out of the house and walking more than ever before.

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