These Grey's Anatomy Actors May Appear In The New Firefighter Spinoff!

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Did you spot them in the Grey's Anatomy Season 13 finale?

Fans of Grey's Anatomy have been buzzing ever since showrunner Shonda Rhimes announced that a new Grey's spinoff series was ordered by ABC. The spinoff will focus on the personal and professional lives of Seattle firefighters. Then, it became even more exciting when fans found out that the new firefighter spinoff would also be taking place in the Grey's Anatomy universe.

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Honestly! Think of how many crossover episodes that Grey's and this new firefighter spinoff could produce! So much drama! But, it's entirely possible that a crossover has already happened. Even if the Grey's Anatomy Season 13 finale wasn't the backdoor pilot we all had hoped, the finale still featured some kickass firefighters, since the hospital caught on fire and all. Did we get a glimpse at our future favorite Seattle firefighters? It's possible!

In the Season 13 finale of Grey's, Stephanie's plan to set the rapist on fire backfired a bit, as it set part of the hospital on fire as well. But, firefighters swiftly came to rescue both doctors and patients. And knowing that a firefighter spinoff was on the horizon, our eyes were peeled to each and every firefighter just in case.

So, who did we see in the Season 13 finale that might come up in the spinoff! Here's what we think!

Firefighter Carrol

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Firefighter Carroll, played by actress Stephanie Czajkowski, was first seen when the hospital was being evacuated. Later in the episode, Carroll followed Ben into the building to look for Stephanie. (And thank the Shondaland gods they did!)

Seeing as Shonda loves strong female leads, we could potentially see Czajkowski take this on if she reprises her role as firefighter Caroll in the upcoming spinoff. However, no official word has been given yet. But, Czajkowski mentioned that "it would be a dream come true to have Firefighter Carroll be a part of the expansion of Shondaland."

Firefighter Sam


We first saw Firefighter Sam when he interrupted Nathan Riggs, Meredith Grey, and Nurse Bohkee, while they were finishing up a lobectomy right underneath already scorched hospital floors. He ordered everyone in the OR to evacuate but finally gave them the 15 minutes they needed to close up their patient while assuring Meredith that the firefighters would keep looking for Erin.

Nelson Grande, who played Firefighter Sam, has quite the interesting resume, having already starred in the hospital drama General Hospital and studied Fire Science in college before going into acting. Talk about landing the perfect role! So, it would be perfectly fitting if he made it onto the spinoff, too!

Firefighter Ben?

Now, this is only a fan theory (as of now), but didn't it seem like our favorite Grey Sloan Memorial resident, Ben Warren, was auditioning for his chance to be on the firefighter spinoff? I mean, Ben took charge as a "firefighter" to save Edwards. He's certainly a man who can do it all! But, will he appear in the firefighter spinoff? Remember that "nobody knows where they might end up." Except for Shonda Rhimes, obviously.

Are you excited for the Grey's Anatomy firefighter spinoff?

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