The Life of A Health Science Major As Told By Grey's Anatomy

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It's a beautiful day to study, panic, and then repeat!

Being a Health Science major can be challenging, exhausting and rewarding all at once. It involves a lot of patience, smarts, and resilience to survive and be successful in the healthcare industry. Here is the life of a Health Science major, as told by the cast of Grey's Anatomy.

1. When You Get To Your First Class Freshman Year

After hearing older siblings or friends talk about the wonders of syllabus week, you might expect easy peasy living with minimal learning involved. You might even think it's ok to skip the first week. Unfortunately, unless you are taking a Gen Ed course, your first day WILL be a lecture. It might be called "review" but let's be honest here. No one remembers anything from 10th-grade Chemistry and the first day just makes you feel behind off the bat. To top it off, your syllabus WILL MAKE YOU SCREAM INTERNALLY. There is JUST. SO. MUCH.

2. When Your Advisor Asks You What Your Emphasis Will Be

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Unless you're one of the lucky few, it's likely that you've either thought about switching your emphasis or had a hard time figuring out which one to go with, ESPECIALLY when you first start out. The Health Science field is so broad and it may be difficult to settle down and choose. Health and Wellness? Leadership and Policy? Pre-Professional? Rehabilitation Science? So many to choose from!

3. There Is That ONE Kid Who Knows All the Answers

You know who I'm talking about. Can you see their face? Can you hear their voice? This is the person who you (NOT SO) secretly hate because when you (and the rest of your class) were still deciphering your professor's question, they were already answering. It's like they're PERSONALLY trying to stop you from showing off your brilliance...or something.

4. You Have No Free Time

With exams, quizzes, pre-labs, and labs filling your entire week, every week, who has the time to do normal human things? Not a Health Science major, that's for sure! Sometimes you might forget to eat and wash. No big deal.

5. You See All Of Your Friends Having A Good Time Without You

This sucks. It's the sinking feeling you get when you see your friends making plans and being a stereotypical college student, while you are stuck studying for Anatomy on a Saturday night. It's the worse. The FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) becomes so real sometimes.

6. Then You Decide To Join Them For One Night

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I mean, we deserve a break sometimes, too! Right?? Sit back, relax, have a drink, and tune out! Just make sure it's after a big exam or when you know you don't have any homework...

7. And Then Immediately Regret Your Decision

When you aren't studying, you are just thinking about studying or what you are missing out by not studying! The struggle is too real. Why can't we have both?!

8. When Your Professor Says "Everything Will Be On The Exam"

When this happened, I just stared blankly back at them as my heart dropped about 4,000 feet. Not only is this NOT HELPFUL, but it basically means you've got yourself numerous all-nighters ahead of you because even if you've studied (almost) every day, you've got to focus on what was said during lecture AND tiny irrelevant details in the textbook. Thanks, Professor. Really.

9. When You Pull All All-Nighter For Three Exams On The Same Day

It's as if professors think you are only taking THEIR class. OR WORSE. They all gather together to plot against you by doing this. Regardless, you still gotta do it. Even if you might want to give up, you push yourself to study and ACE those exams!

10. And You Do Poorly On All Of Them

This often happens with the first exam of the semester. You might panic. You might scream. You might even want to quit your program. But all you can really do is study harder for the next one...or hope that the rest of your class did worse than you did.

11. BUT The Curve Saved Your Grade

Praise the curve (and the other students who did worse than you)! Even if you didn't do the best on the exam, it doesn't matter! You still did great and your grade is safe!

12. When You Find A Friend In Your Class To Share Your Pain

Since you're going to be studying 24/7 anyways, you might as well have a friend while doing it. And there's nothing quite as bonding as complaining about studying and your professor...WHILE you study. But, the best thing about it having someone (or a group of people) to help you and support you through all of it.

13. When You Remember Why You Love Your Major

Your entire life may revolve around science and the human body, but you wouldn't have it any other way. Even if you complain about studying, you secretly love it and the end result is WELL worth it!

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