The Irrefutable List Of The 22 Best Grey's Anatomy Moments Of All Time

If these Grey's Anatomy moments don't get you crying, we don't know what will!

The Irrefutable List Of The 22 Best Grey's Anatomy Moments Of All Time

You have to admit, even if Grey's Anatomy fans have been put through the ringer one too many times, it wouldn't be the same show without all the neverending drama and plot twists! We love it for the very same reason we hate it. But, the thing is, we can't stop watching! So, here is a list of the best (and worst) moments in Grey's history!

1. When George Completely Owned The Racist Paramedic

If you ever needed a reason to love George O'Malley, this would be the scene. He was a complete #savage towards this racist patient, and we totally owe George for saying exactly what we were thinking!

2. When Meredith And Derek Got Zola Back

We were all heartbroken when MerDer were fighting and even more heartbroken after we thought the couple would not get custody of baby Zola. Our hearts filled with joy when the exhausted (and emotionally reunited) duo answered the door and found out that they were granted full custody of Zola.

3. Meredith's Almost Drowning

The ferry boat crash episode was one for the books. But, the most memorable moment in that episode was when Meredith fell into the water and eventually stopped trying to swim. What's worse was when McDreamy saved her and had to wait outside, completely destroyed, as his fellow surgeons fought to bring her back. So intense.

4. Bailey's Wedding / Adele's Death

We were so happy for Bailey and Ben for tying the knot. But after fighting for Adele's (Richard's wife) life all day, she left the OR (when things looked stable) to go to her own wedding. Richard came to support Bailey at her wedding, and we find out that Adele passed. It broke our hearts as Richard and Meredith stared off into the distance. It shattered us when Richard looked at Bailey and Ben and imagined himself with Adele.

5. The Musical Episode

Callie and Arizona's car crash was the catalyst for so many different things. Mark and Lexie, baby Sofia being born, and the musical episode of Grey's Anatomy we didn't know we needed. Even if some parts were a bit cringe-worthy, the cast still gave us an intense episode and another reason to cry when listening to "How To Save A Life" and "Chasing Cars."

6. When Burke Left Cristina At The Altar

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

This hurt, particularly when Meredith found Cristina in Burke's apartment alone in her wedding dress and she sobs once she realizes she is free, tearing off her so-not-Cristina-like-dress. Yes, Burke and Cristina had a good run, but he tried to mold her into something she wasn't. We're happy this Cardio God found solitude with Meredith.

7. When Derek Proposed To Meredith

We ugly-cried happy tears when Derek proposed to Meredith with brain scans of every patient they had together and he assured her that he loved her dark and twisty side too.

8. And Then MerDer Got Married On A Post-It Note

These two solidified their love for each other by writing down their promises to one another on a Post-It note. Even if it wasn't the big wedding some might have been hoping for, it was the perfect wedding for our girl, Mer.

9. The Plane Crash Episode


From beginning to end, this stressed out fans like no other. Not only did our favorites endure a horrible plane crash, everything was going on per usual at the hospital and no one else knew about it until hours later! To this day, some fans haven't completely forgiven Shonda for killing off Lexie and (eventually) Mark.

10. "Pick Me. Choose Me. Love Me."

This is the moment we were all in, rooting for MerDer to happen. We felt Meredith put her heart on the line with this speech (while secretly wishing we could recite the same to our own crushes). However, it was a punch in the gut when Derek didn't choose her.

11. When Jackson Stopped April's Wedding

We all audibly gasped when Jackson did this and held our breaths for April's answer. If you love someone, this is totally not the way to do it! But, it's also one of the most romantic and shocking moments in Grey's history. Shrugs.

12. When Perfect Penny Came To Thanksgiving

OMG. This entire episode was filled with so much tension. It was a flawless masterpiece to watch build. But, when the bomb finally dropped, our hearts were shattered into a million pieces, especially when we saw the aftermath.

13. When Izzie And Alex Got Married

From beginning to end, Izzie and Alex's wedding is beautiful. Our hearts were so full when we saw Mer give her wedding to Izzie, when George walked her down the aisle, and when Alex recited his heartfelt vows. Too perfect!

14. When Coach Taylor Exploded In Front Of Meredith

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

This entire episode had us terrified for Meredith's life. When the fear just began to settle down, Shonda stole our sense of safety by killing off Dylan Young, the bomb squad guy who also played Coach Taylor in the beloved television show Friday Night Lights. This definitely set a message to viewers of Grey's Anatomy. No one is safe.

15. When Denny Died During Grey's Anatomy Prom

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Izzie and Denny were like two star-crossed lovers. We all thought he was going to die when Izzie cut the LVAD wire, which was intense enough itself. Then, when we were in the clear and everything seemed to be ok, Denny just died! It broke our hearts to see Izzie mourn him in her prom dress. We're still not over it.

16. When George Was John Doe / Izzie Had Cancer

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

I CANNOT even begin to describe the feeling when we found out that George was John Doe and when Izzie crashed from cancer. It was like being hit in the gut one time after another. And when George was on the opposite side of those elevator doors at the end of Season 5, we knew it was over for at least one of our favorite OG interns. Right in the feels.

17. The Shooting Episode

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Nothing says Grey's Anatomy like a tragedy. And this one pretty much takes the cake. From beginning to end, this episode was impossibly stressful and shocking. But, we've never rooted for our favorite doctors more than we did here.

18. When Derek Shepherd Died

Another tragedy that got us when we thought things were safe. But, after 12 great seasons, Grey's Anatomy said its final farewells to the one and only McDreamy. It hurt when he got hit by the semi. It broke us when the understaffed hospital essentially killed him by accident. It destroyed us when Mer said goodbye to the love of her life.

19. Every Derek Flashback In Season 13

We saw (and experienced) Mer trying to get over Derek. But, the flashbacks were all too much. Even if it hurt to watch, every scene reminded us that MerDer were the real deal and just how much she loved him.

20. When Addison Made Her Debut

Even if this moment might be considered "light" compared to other tragic moments on our list, this was the first big plot twist Grey's has ever had. Honestly, it's pretty difficult to imagine getting through this moment after watching the whole first season without immediately being hooked!

21. The First Time “You’re My Person” Was Said

A historical moment for Grey's Anatomy! We saw these two become best friends by supporting each other through Cristina's ectopic pregnancy and breakup with Burke. Heartbreaking, but it proves that with the love of your person, you can get through anything!

22. And The Last Time Mer And Cristina Danced It Out

These two danced it out to finish their epic friendship onscreen. As sad as we are to see Cristina go, this moment was perfect. And ahem, please bring Cristina back, Shonda!

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