The Definitive Ranking Of Cristina Yang's Hookups (We Bet You Forgot Some)

And it's not just Burke and Owen.

This Cardio God doesn't go around kissing just anyone, but she still manages to have some fun. Check out our definitive list of Cristina Yang's hookups!

1. Colin Marlow

Honestly, we're pretty happy this 3-year relationship happened off screen. Not only was Colin Cristina's professor, he simply did not understand the word "no." Gross. Not only did he propose to Cristina many times despite her rejecting him multiple times, he also continued to attempt to seduce Cristina when he came to Seattle Grace even after she told him no. Thank the Shondaland lords he left quickly!

2. Darren Parker

Darren might have been the head of cardiothoracic surgery at the Mayo Clinic, but he definitely wasn't anything special. Although he wasn't as bad as Marlow, Darren had a pretty scummy way of getting rid of Cristina's Mayo Clinic pal and mentor, Dr. Thomas. We're pretty happy she kicked him to the curb.

3. Jackson Avery

Alright, so this wasn't exactly anything more than a kiss, which is why it's so low on this list. She turned Jackson down almost immediately and they didn't exactly go anywhere. We know we're playing with a lot of what-ifs, but there's something about this kiss that just sparked. Just imagine what would have happened if Cristina and Owen weren't a thing at that time.

4. Shane Ross

So, it's pretty awkward that Shane just offered to have sex with Cristina to relieve her stress. Though, we still can't help but find him incredibly endearing, considering he just wanted to do what he could to please her. Also, when Cristina asked him whether or not he felt pressured to do it, he assured her that he didn't. Although things the pair didn't end up together, we're only hoping that things got even better after Cristina took him with her to Switzerland.

5. Preston Burke

Not going to lie, if this ranking were only up to the chemistry (and steamy hookups) between Cristina and her beau, then Preston + Cristina would win by a landslide. Burke also helped Cristina with her compassion and cardio skills. However, he was also trying to change Cristina in the process. He took pieces of her, and it was heartbreaking to see what that did to her on their wedding day. And when he won the Harper Avery, he didn't even give her a shoutout! Not so cool.

6. Owen Hunt

These two have been through so much together and we applaud them for supporting each other, even through the darkest of times. It was so unfortunate that these two ultimately separated when they realized they had vastly different views on having children. But, the good times between these two were so good. I mean, who knew a vent room could be so romantic!

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