The Best Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Drinking Game

We've got the BEST Grey's Anatomy Season 14 drinking game! Can you handle it?

The Best Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Drinking Game

Challenge accepted! Last week, Grey's Anatomy star, Camilla Luddington, tweeted to her fans for a potential Grey's Anatomy drinking game. Ask and you shall receive. This one's for you, girl!

Do you have the liver of Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo)? Now's your chance to shine! Grey's Anatomy Season 14 is returning on Thursday, September 28, and we're so not prepared. What better way to cope with the crippling anxieties that Grey's brings than with a drinking game with a group of your best friends? So, grab your person and get ready! Here's the best Grey's Anatomy Season 14 drinking game! Let's have some fun!

Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Drinking Game:

What You Need:

  • Your drink of choice (Preferably tequila)
  • A snack of your choice (Preferably nachos)
  • A TV
  • ABC (Or Netflix/Hulu when appropriate)

Take A Sip If:

  • There's an awkward moment between Megan Hunt/Meredith Grey/Nathan Riggs.
  • Anyone says any kind of medical jargon.
  • Teddy Altman reunites with someone.
  • Someone goes into a new surgery.
  • There's sexual tension between Jo Wilson and Alex Karev.
  • You see blood.
  • Megan/Owen Hunt says something about the war.
  • Someone hooks up in the on-call room.
  • Someone gets into a fight with Catherine Avery
  • Meredith gives a long speech and/or rant
  • Something reminds you of an old and gone character. (Take a shot if it's Cristina, Derek, or Callie.)
  • Andrew Deluca and his sister, Carina DeLuca, say anything in Italian.
  • Owen looks guilty.
  • Arizona Robbins pines over Eliza Minnick.
  • Amelia Shepherd hides a secret from someone.
  • DeLuca pines over Jo.
Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Take A Shot If:

  • Jo Wilson's husband (Paul Stadler) shows up.
  • Someone makes a mistake during surgery.
  • Someone mentions one of the original 5 interns.
  • There's an intense or awkward elevator moment.
  • Ben Warren says anything about firefighters.
  • Any of the Grey's kids show up.
  • One of the Grey's men goes shirtless.
  • There's a flashback sequence.
  • A patient dies.
  • A doctor dies.
  • April and Jackson talk about Montana.
Grey's Anatomy via Disney-ABC Domestic Television

Waterfall If:

  • Jackson Avery and Maggie Pierce hook up.
  • Alex goes to jail.
  • Meredith and Alex get romantic feels.
  • An unexpected (alum) doctor comes back.
  • Jo and Alex get married.
  • Ben and Bailey break up.
  • A doctor leaves the show.

Can you handle this drinking game, Grey's fans?? Who else is excited for Grey's Anatomy Season 14??

Grey's Anatomy Season 14 returns to ABC on September 28 at 8|7c!

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