The 8 Questions We Need Answered In The Grey's Anatomy Finale

Because we NEED to know!

We're quickly approaching the fiery finale of Season 13 of Grey's Anatomy, but we've still got a ton of questions that have gone unanswered. Here's everything we're hoping to learn when the finale airs this Thursday night!

1. What's Going To Happen To Stephanie Edwards?

OMG. Even if what happened the in last episode was exciting and reminded us why we love Grey's, we are still freaking out over Edwards! She was super close to the explosion and it seems like she might be dead. But we don't know because that's when the freaking episode ended! But, there's still hope, right? Is she dead? Will the doctors save her? We're just dying to know!

2. What Is Riggs And Meredith's "Big News"?

So, a recent spoiler has mentioned that Riggs and Meredith will receive some big news that will bring their relationship to a turning point. Often in entertainment, it means that the couple is expecting a baby! Could this be soon? But, it's also possible that the "big news" has something to do with Owen's sister, Megan. Considering Megan might have gone missing after she found out Riggs cheated on her, is it possible this love triangle will turn into Derek, Addison, Meredith 2.0? Is Megan about to come to Seattle like:

Minus the husband part, of course.

3. What Will Happen When Owen Reunites With His Sister?

Speaking of Megan, Owen just found out that his sister is alive and we're freaking out! We can't imagine what this is doing to him, considering she was missing for so long and he went on to live his life. She was sent to Seattle, so we hope they are reunited soon! But, hopefully, she wasn't near when the explosion happened.

4. And What's In The Cards For Owen And Amelia?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Like most of the couples on Grey's right now, Amelia and Owen are in a weird place. They spent so much time apart from each other for so long, but it looks like Owen finding out about his sister pushed him to lean on Amelia. We're hoping they're in it for the long haul, but you never know with these two!

5. What "Hard Choice" Do Alex And Jo Have To Go Through?

Sources also say that Alex and Jo have to make a "hard choice" in regards to their relationship. Things were looking better for the couple, but Alex ran into Jo's abusive ex-husband in the last episode and told him to leave her alone. Who knows what the repercussions for that will be. Also, DeLuca's trying to worm his way in. So what's going to happen now?

6. And What Is Jo's Husband Going To Do?

We just want to know where this is going! There's no way Shonda and Co. would bring Glee's Matthew Morrison in for just one episode without any insane drama. Of course, there was a lot of crazy tension, but we all thought he really found Jo and choked her to death. We just hope that's not some cruel foreshadowing.

7. What About Japril?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

April and Jackson have been pretty low key since their quiet episode in Montana. And surprise, surprise - they ended up making out in the end. But, they haven't really had a scene together since. So, what's going on there? Also, a lot of people are speculating that Maggie and Jackson will be a thing since they had a "sexual tension" moment in the elevator? Or is it all in our heads? What's going on??

8. Who Will Die Next?

Of course, we ask this for every season finale. Honestly, you should probably ask this to yourself every time you watch Grey's in general. The obvious answer will be Edwards. But, interviews with the cast have also told us that all of our favorite doctors will be in danger and we should all be scared.

WELP! Good luck Thursday night, Grey's fans! We're going to need it!

Who do you think will die next?

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