The 16 Most Infuriating Moments of Grey's Ranked

Grey's moment guaranteed to get your blood boiling!

We all know how frustrating Grey's Anatomy can be sometimes. Whether it's directed at your favorite character or Shonda Rhimes, there are plenty of moments that get your blood boiling! So, here are 16 of the most infuriating moments on Grey's!

16. When The Interns Performed Surgery On Themselves

As the title of this video says, these interns are idiots! OMG!! It's incredibly frustrating that these interns, led by Sadie Harris, do something this stupid. This moment allowed us to actually enjoy Sadie's departure from the sure.

15. When Arizona Cheated On Callie With Lauren

It stung when Arizona and Lauren kissed, yeah. But, we all thought that it would stop right after that! Unfortunately, Arizona turns around and just locks the door. And viewers gave her major side eye for that. What's worse is that Callie was wondering where Arizona was. Horrible.

14. When Derek Almost Cheated On Meredith In DC

Even if Derek breaks it off immediately, everything leading up to that kiss (and the kiss itself) was terrible! Viewers were left thinking that Derek cheated on Mer after everything they've been through. If he did, we don't think we could have ever forgiven him.

13. When Derek Chose Addison Over Meredith

OMG. How do you walk away from that? Mer gave the most heartfelt speech, and he ended up turning her down! And after he basically stood her up at the bar. The worst. Derek is the worst.

12. When Amelia Froze While Everyone Was Trying To Save Meredith

We are all Edwards in this scene. Your sister is basically dying. And you do nothing? Okay, she was scared and the two were not exactly on the best of terms, but it just hurt to see.

11. When Cristina Wasn't REALLY At Derek's Funeral

Okay. So, this one is more geared towards Shonda Rhimes and the lack of Sandra Oh in the episode. But, c'mon! Cristina would have been there and stayed for Mer. She was her person after all! It was frustrating and mildly distracting to see the episode go by without her (and Addison)!

10. When Izzie Left Alex

After Denny, cancer, and crazy Ava, Karev deserved so much better. It also felt too soon since it felt like the couple just got married and shared beautiful vows. Just thinking about it is heartwrenching!

9. When Hannah Davies, The Paramedic, Ran Away From The Bomb

Nope. This girl. I can't. She panics (ok,'s a bomb), but she leaves everyone there in danger! What's worse is that Meredith doesn't duck like everyone else. She puts herself into the fire. WHY.

8 When Izzie Cut Denny's LVAD Wire

This upsets us because Denny didn't have to die here! Denny didn't even want Izzie to do it. He did it for her because she couldn't bare the possibility of him dying. But, guess there was some kind of self-fulfilling prophecy magic going on because she complicated his health anyway and he died after his transplant because of a stroke.

7. When Minnick Fought With Arizona About A Surgery

She made Edwards, who was a resident, head of the surgery, while Arizona was only allowed the ability to watch. Then Minnick didn't' actually teach Edwards anything. And then the child patient died. This could have all been avoided had they listened to Arizona. But nooooo.

6. When George Was John Doe And Died

Was there anything about this moment that wasn't infuriating? We were already freaking out when Meredith figured out John Doe wrote "007" on her hand. But, out hearts broke as we saw Izzie opening the elevators and there stood George. We knew it was the end of at least one of our OG interns. And we're still not over it.

5. When Reed Took George's Cubby

Nothing brought out our Seattle Grace/OG intern loyalty like this moment. You're lying if you didn't want Izzie to beat the living crap out of Reed.

4. When The Plane Crash Happened And NO ONE Knew

OMG. It was so frustrating to see our favorite doctors in so much pain while it went unnoticed at the hospital! We know that they couldn't have possibly known. But, it hurt so much to see.

3. When No One Told Cristina Or Teddy About Henry

It was disheartening to see Cristina operate on Henry in robot mode, but it was devastating watching her as she found out. To make matters worse, no one told Teddy about his death until after she finished her own surgery. We understand that they have important jobs to do and they need to concentrate...but all of the lies made this already tragic moment ten-times worse.

2. When April Ran Out After Derek Talked The Shooter Down

April was already annoying when she first came on her show. Then her presence and existence caused Derek freaking Shepherd to get shot! Unacceptable! Did she seriously not see the shooter? Okay, she was in shock. But, still! April why are you the worst? Everything was going to be fine until you showed up!

1. When Derek Died At Dillard

No death is more frustrating than Derek's death. He was coming home. They were going to work everything out. And the situation could have been 100% avoidable if not for the understaffed facility, a bad call on not running a head CT, and a neurosurgeon who was at dinner. It's also clear that if Derek Shepherd's doctor was Derek Shepherd, he would have totally lived.

What's your favorite infuriating moment?

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