The 10 Most Shocking Grey's Anatomy Moments Of All Time

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Damn you, Shonda Rhimes!!

The 10 Most Shocking Grey's Anatomy Moments Of All Time

Grey's Anatomy showrunner, Shonda Rhimes, certainly knows how to drop a bomb on her viewers.

1. When Denny Duquette Died

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Who wasn't shocked by Denny's death?? After he survived surgery after Izzie cut his LVAD wire, we thought the couple could finally have a happy moment. But, NOPE. Happiness is never in the cards when it comes to Izzie Stevens. Poor Denny ended dying ALONE.

2. When Addison Came To Seattle In Season 1

Okay, so this one is tamer than most on this list. HOWEVER, it was the first incredibly shocking moment in Grey's Anatomy history! Derek and Meredith were about to get their happy ending when Addison came in and destroyed it all in one swoop!

3. When Reed Was Shot By Gary Clark

If you weren't terrified the second Gary Clark pulled his gun on Reed, you weren't paying attention. It was just so unexpected.

4. When Lexie Grey Died From The Plane Crash


We all wanted some television magic to happen when Lexie died. It felt like she just came to the show and suddenly, she was just...gone. I'm getting chills just thinking about it.

5. And When Mark Sloan Died The Next Season

We all thought that Mark was fine! After he didn't die right after Lexie did in the plane crash, we thought he would recover, especially when he had that one good day. At least died in the company of Callie and Derek.

6. When Jackson Objected To April's Wedding

Holy crap. This moment could have been Jackson's imagination and it would have been more believable. WTF. Honestly, who waits until someone's wedding day?! So crazy.

7. When Adele Died During Bailey's Wedding

We all thought that Adele was in the clear after Bailey left for her wedding. But in true Grey's Anatomy fashion, when Richard came for the wedding, we found out she died. And Richard had to put on a happy face for Bailey since it was her day. But, it just hurt us more.

8. When The Bomb Exploded In The Hospital

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

AGAIN! Why does Shonda like to trick us when we think everything will be ok? This was when we realized that Shonda wasn't playing.

9. When Derek Freaking Shepherd Died

NOPE. NOPE. STILL NOT OVER THIS ONE. Like every moment before this one, we weren't expecting Derek to DIE after heroicly saving all of those people. HE HAD A CHANCE, DAMNIT.


Grey's Anatomy via ABC

YUP. Nothing tops this one. Our hearts dropped when George was on the other side of those doors. We knew he was gone. And he did NOT deserve any of it.

Are you sobbing yet, Grey's fans?!

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

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