The 10 Best Episodes of Grey's Anatomy of All Time

Did your favorite make the list?

Grey's Anatomy has been around for 13 extraordinary seasons! And we've definitely been through a lot! It's hard to imagine why we still stick around! And yet, here we are! But, if you're just thinking about joining the Grey's Anatomy train now, here are 10 of the best Grey's Anatomy episodes to get you started!

1. Season 1, Episode 9 - "Who's Zoomin' Who?"

The first Grey's Anatomy plot twist! It was certainly shocking the first time we saw it. It's definitely tamer than other plot twists, but it remains as a true classic moment in Grey's history.

2. Season 2, Episode 17 - "It's The End Of The World"

Honestly, what is more terrifying than having your lead character run right into the brink of danger? This was the first time we ever saw Meredith in any actual danger. But certainly not our last! This two-parter episode has plenty of drama and it'll have you in tears.

3. Season 2, Episode 27 - "Losing My Religion"

"Grey's Anatomy" via ABC

We all love prom. Plenty of drama is always guaranteed to happen. And this is no different for this episode. If you aren't reduced to a puddle of tears by the end, you are definitely heartless!

4. Season 3, Episode 16 - "Drowning On Dry Land"

Ok ok! So, maybe you have to watch Episode 16 as well. But, both of these episodes are absolutely terrifying for Meredith and her chosen family. I mean ugh. The look in Derek's eyes when he thinks he loses Mer is absolutely devastating.

5. Season 3, Episode 25 - "Didn't We Almost Have It All?"

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

I'm going to be honest. Any Grey's episode with a wedding is a great episode. But, this was the first. And it didn't even happen! Cristina when she screamed at Meredith to take off her wedding dress was heartbreaking.

6. Season 7, Episode 18 - "Song Beneath the Song"

The Grey's Anatomy musical episode. You either loved it or hated it. And we loved it. We were crying through Callie's trauma, but laughing because of the singing. What could be better than that?

7. Season 6, Episodes 23/24 - ""Sanctuary"/"Death and All His Friends"

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Another two parter! Honestly, if you know there will be a two-parter episode, expect something big. Like season finale big! This one was terrifying from beginning to end and we still get chills thinking about it. Truly one of the best episodes.

8. "Season 5, Episode 24" - "Now or Never"

All we can say is...GEORGE DESERVED BETTER. This episode broke our hearts. It was the first time we actually lost one of our favorite original interns, and we are still pretty damn upset.

9. Season 11, Episode 21 - "How to Save a Life"

NOPE. WE CAN'T. This loss hurt us SO MUCH. And Meredith. When we saw Derek almost die and then actually die out of incompetence, we were gutted. Damn you, Shonda Rhimes! Bring Derek back!

10. Season 13, Episode 23 - "True Colors"

Have you realized that most of the best episodes are in earlier seasons? There's a reason. But, nothing got us quite on our toes like this episode! Alex went to scout down Jo Wilson's abusive husband. And Stephanie Edwards freaking lit a rapist on fire and the hospital exploded. Shocking.


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