Game, Set, Match! 19 Best Tennis Instagram Captions

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Ready to serve up some fantastic tennis Instagram captions?

Clever Instagram Captions About Tennis

via Instagram: @serenawilliams

Ready for tennis season? We know you are. Get ready with these fun Instagram captions for tennis. Because we know you're sick of lame captions on Insta by now. And it's about time you felt like Serena Williams on the court!

Whether you're looking for puns and quote captions for tennis pictures or simply the best tennis captions for your school's yearbook, we have got you covered. And even if you think that love means nothing, you'll definitely fall in love with these.

So, enjoy and do it for the 'Gram. Here are our top picks for Instagram captions about tennis.

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Best Tennis Instagram Captions

• "I'll let the racket do the talking." - John McEnroe

• Baby got backhand.

• You only live once, but you get to serve twice.

• Kiss my ace.

• Queen of the Court

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Funny Tennis Captions for Instagram

• You got served.

• I'd rather be playing tennis.

• If you step into my court, you're gonna get served.

• Don't make me come to the net.

• I always cause a racquet.

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Witty Tennis Captions And Puns

• I always cause a racquet.

• I'm tired of all the singles action. How about we play some doubles?

• You can score all the points tonight, so I'll be in love.

• As each has received a gift

• I 0 - 0 tennis.

Great Tennis Captions for Instagram

• Tennis serve on fleek.

• I live to serve. On the court.

• Tennis queens wear the crowns.

• Love means nothing. (0 - 0)