You're Either Going To Love Or Hate The Teen Wolf Finale, Creator Jeff Davis Says

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Here's what creator Jeff Davis has to say about the finale.

Watch your pack, Teen Wolf fans. The Teen Wolf series finale is here. While we all have our predictions and spoilers for what will happen to the pack in the 100th and final episode, we're still left wondering how the Teen Wolf series finale will end. Luckily, show creator and executive producer Jeff Davis told exclusively what to expect for the Teen Wolf series finale. Are you prepared?

"It's the series finale, so it's a strange thing," Davis began. "Some people are going to love it, some people are going to want to torch my house. But that's the way series finales go."

Davis knows he wasn't able to give Teen Wolf fans everything they wanted for the series finale, but he still believes the final episode will be one for the books.

"I expect the multitude of responses," Davis continued. "I expect that some people will love it and feel that this is a satisfying ending, and I'm sure there'll be plenty that will say, ‘Why didn't we get more of this?' and ‘Why didn't we get more of that?' And there are many reasons for all of those things."


While the Teen Wolf series finale can't please every fan, Davis notes that when push came to shove, he only has to please himself as both a writer and fan of Teen Wolf. After all, it was his vision that brought this story to life in the first place.

"You have to sit and say, 'Does this please me as a writer and fan of the show, as well?' And I did that," Davis said. "You sort of have to please yourself as a writer and then send it out into the world. If they hate it, they hate it. Or sometimes what'll happen is they'll have it in the moment and then you'll get all of these reactions later on that say, 'You know, that was actually pretty genius,' which I think is how many people feel about The Sopranos ending."

Regardless, Davis fully believes that the Teen Wolf team completed the series with justice. "I feel like one of the good moments that felt like we might've done something right is when I was there for the final mix with several writers and producers and editors on the show," Davis recalled. "We all watched the final sound mix together, and we were all very nostalgic and it felt really good. Everybody was really happy with it."


With the Teen Wolf team feeling such strong emotions about the series finale, you best believe the audience will, too.

"A passionate response is a good one," Davis said.

So, get ready.

Watch the series finale of Teen Wolf on Sunday, September 24, at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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