Everything You Need To Know Ahead Of The Teen Wolf Series Finale

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Are you ready for the Teen Wolf series finale? Here's how Jeff Davis thinks you can prepare!

The Teen Wolf series finale is here, and we're anything but ready. Scott McCall (Tyler Posey), Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O'Brien), Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin) and the rest of the pack are gearing up for the battle of their lives in the 100th and final episode, and we're left wondering what will happen next. Teen Wolf creator and executive producer, Jeff Davis, spoke to Women.com about what's to come in the Teen Wolf series finale, and he revealed information that is guaranteed to get any fan through the series finale. So, where is the Teen Wolf series finale headed? Here's everything Jeff has to say!


How are you feeling?

Jeff Davis: It's the series finale, so it's a strange thing. Finally putting it out there, having a last episode. You know, some people are going to love it, some people are going to want to torch my house. But that's the way series finales go.

How do you expect fans to react?

I expect the multitude of responses. I expect that some people will love it and feel that this is a satisfying ending, and I'm sure there'll be plenty that will say, ‘Why didn't we get more of this?' and ‘Why didn't we get more of that?' And there are many reasons for all of those things, but the most important thing is, really, when you sit down to write, you first have to satisfy yourself as an audience member. You have to sit and say, 'Does this please me as a writer and fan of the show, as well?' And I did that. I feel like one of the good moments that felt like we might've done something right is, I was there for the final mix with several writers and producers and editors on the show — we all watched the final sound mix together — and we were all very nostalgic and it felt really good. Everybody was really happy with it.

That's a positive sign!

Yes! I think when it really comes down to it, you sort of have to please yourself as a writer and then send it out into the world. If they hate it, they hate it. Or sometimes what'll happen is they'll have it in the moment and then you'll get all of these reactions later on that say, "You know, that was actually pretty genius," which I think is how many people feel about The Sopranos ending.

Yeah, it's just emotional that it's ending and that's how the emotion comes out.

Yes! Which is fine, too. A passionate response is a good one, I'm sure, either way.


There was some talk of a reboot. Are you leaving any unfinished business for a potential reboot or return?

You know, the talk of reboot actually happened when the episode was all done, so there was never really a thought of putting in certain threads to leave off. What I do like about the way it ends, though, is that it feels like the story continues in its world. It's not one of those series finales that blows everything up, kills half or most of the cast. We always wanted to do a kind of, "The adventure continues…" ending.

Did you have in mind an ending for a while or did you come up with it as the seasons came?

I had an idea of Scott meeting this new young werewolf on the run since about season 4, actually. Yeah, that idea to sort of bring it full circle, to do a sort of flash-forward, was something I've been thinking about for a while, and I'm really glad we got to do it. I think it's sort of the message of the show encapsulated in this character, Alec, who is played by Ben Wadsworth. He's basically the representative of the audience. Scott is saying to us, the audience, if you feel like an outsider, if you're different, you can be one of us, and that is, essentially, the message of the show.


Are we going to see happy endings for all of our favorite pairings?

Yes, many. It's funny because when you write a finale, there's always questions that are unanswered, there's always characters that you think, ‘What happened to that person?' or ‘What happened to this person?' And you know, having shot a series finale, a lot of it has to do with scheduling actors! We actually wrote the series finale, because of a certain actor with a movie schedule, I had to write episode 20 before 18 and 19 were even finished. So it does present its challenges.

Was there anything you wish you could have explored more?

There is one character. Seth Gilliam, who plays Deaton, I wish we could have brought him back for a storyline on the finale, but we had difficulty scheduling with The Walking Dead, and to be honest, there were so many characters to wrap up, it would've been an hour and a half finale.


Walk me through the emotions we should be prepared to feel while watching this finale.

I would say fear for the main characters. There are definitely some moments of… you know. It's mostly nostalgia for me. I'd like people to be happy with it. I'd like them to be emotionally up and down as big things happen in the finale, but to feel satisfied by the ending.

Ok, so some fear, a little tense, would you say?

Tension, all the suspense, all the same emotions that a classic Teen Wolf episode would give you. That's what we really went for. The scares, the suspense, there are a few funny moments, a few reunion moments that I think people will really like. One of my favorites is when Stiles, Lydia and Jackson all meet up.

Yes! Can you say anything more about that?

Yeah, it was fun to write. It was fun to write these three characters in a scene again because we haven't had Jackson, Lydia and Stiles in a scene together since the last episode of season 2 and that was something like… that was almost 80 episodes ago, I think!

What was the emotion during the Jackson/Stiles/Lydia scene?

Well, there's a bit of confusion at first, because Stiles, Jackson and Lydia are all with new people now. We wanted to mine the situation for humor, so I think the audience will enjoy it. For us, behind the scenes, the emotion was, ‘Oh my God, we're almost done with this series, and this reunion moment is also a moment of saying goodbye!'


Did anyone take things from the set?

I have an Oni sword, I have a lacrosse stick, I have a Dread Doctor weapon. I love the clever props, especially the weapons. Those are things I love! Dylan O'Brien is taking the Jeep!

I love that they let him take that!

Yeah, actually, we weren't sure if he should actually be driving it, because it's a pretty old Jeep and not very reliable, but if he wants it for just a memento, we're fine with that.

That's so sentimental. Did anyone else get anything good?

Well, Ryan Kelley, who plays Deputy Parrish, got his badge and his shirt, so some people take things like that. Cody Christian wanted the Dread Doctor mask that they put on him in one episode. The actors are very nostalgic about it, which I love.


Watch the series finale of Teen Wolf on Sunday, September 24, at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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