Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Spoilers! Will Megan Come In Like A Wrecking Ball?

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Is this Addison and Derek 2.0?!

Spoiler Alert! Shondaland Reveals Megan Causes Chaos In Season 14 Of Grey's

Grey's Anatomy spoilers are finally here! But it doesn't look so hot for our favorites Meredith, Amelia, Owen, and Riggs, as Megan arrives in a storm of chaos that will ignite the rift between Owen and Riggs.

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Nathan And Meredith Might NOT Be Over

In the Season 13 finale of Grey's, we found out that Megan is alive and in the Seattle area, despite being missing for about a decade. But, what does this mean for Riggs and Meredith? Last time we checked, Mer and Riggs were getting closer, seeing as he was helping her get over Derek. Though, in the finale, Meredith told Riggs to go to Megan, since she would already be gone if it were Derek.

As happy as we are for Mer and her personal growth, we just want her to be happy, damnit! But, according to showrunner Shonda Rhimes, fans of the show shouldn't assume that the relationship is over. In fact, even if Megan wants to pick up where they left off, Riggs will have a hard time letting go of Mer.

Owen Will Be Pretty Spooked Over Megan’s Arrival

But, according to Blasting News, Owen will not be as excited about a Nathan and Megan reunion. It looks like Owen will probably stop Nathan from seeing his sister. The trio's rocky history makes this a little unsurprising. But, honestly. WTF Owen??

However, spoilers reveal that Owen is shocked. (And who wouldn't be?) He went on with his life as his missing sister lived on alone for almost a decade in who knows what conditions! He probably feels awful.

We already saw a glimpse of what Megan's return was doing to Owen, and we're pretty scared to see what happens with him next.

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

All Eyes Will Be On Megan

So, everyone will be looking at Megan to see what happens next. How will she act towards Owen? Will she feel betrayed or will she understand? Will she want to get back together with Riggs? Will she even remember Riggs and Owen? It's been almost a decade. Anything is possible right now.

Are you excited for Megan's return?!

h/t: Blasting News

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