Say 'Hola' to These 16 Spanish Instagram Captions

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The Best Spanish Instagram Captions

In a world filled with fun Instagram caption ideas, we've been left wondering where all the great Spanish IG captions were. More than 5% of the earth's population speaks the language. We need to discover quotes and song lyrics that fit the needs of social media users across the world.

It's time to impress your followers. Because we've got the perfect Insta caption in Spanish that will surely impress anyone who stumbles across your post.

Whether you're on a trip to Spain or you simply want to pay homage to your native tongue, we've got the best Instagram captions in Spanish for every situation. So, let's get cracking, shall we?

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Fun Spanish Captions for Instagram

Si caes siete veces, sube ocho. (Translation: If you fall seven times, rise eight.)

Sin la mujer, la vida es pura prosa. (Translation: Women make this world beautiful. Without them, it is as boring as prose.)

El Amor todo lo puede. (Translation: Love will find a way.)

No pierdas de vista tus objetivos. (Translation: Don't lose sight of your goals.)

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Funny and Cute Spanish Captions for IG

• *Te amo hasta el infinito y más allá. * (Translation: To infinity and beyond.)

Pequeños momentos, grandes recuerdos.  (Translation: Small moments, great memories.) 

• Ahora o nunca. (Translation: Now or never.)

Solo relájate. (Translation: Just relax.)

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Clever Instagram Captions in Spanish for Selfies

Donde hay humo, hay calor. (Translation: Where there's a smoke, there's a fire.)

Viajar es la mejor inversión. (Translation: Travelling is the best investment.)

El Sol es la mejor medicina. (Translation: Sun is the best medicine.)

Sé amable contigo hoy. (Translation: Be kind to yourself today.)

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Best Spanish Lyrics for Instagram Captions

Amor es todo lo que necesitas. (Translation: Love is all you need.)

Las chicas solo quieren divertirse. (Translation: Girls just wanna have fun.)

Recuérdame. Aunque tenga que decir adiós. (Translation: Remember me. Though I have to say goodbye.)

Soy loca con mi tigre. (Translation: I'm crazy like a tiger.)