Snapchat Update Adds Explore On Snap Map To Amp Up Your FOMO


Snapchat Update Adds Explore On Snap Map

Whether you like them or not, Snapchat's Snap Map (not Snapmap) is here to stay. And now, Snap Map has introduced a new feature. On Thursday, Snapchat added Explore on Snap Map, which will definitely add to the Snap Map experience, which already allows you to catch up with your friends, no matter how far! Explore on Snap Chat is meant to enhance your Snap Map experience, and as Snapchat puts it, Explore is your "tour guide to what's happening on your Snap Map." Exciting, right? So, what is the Explore Snap Map feature? When will the Explore on Snap Map Snapchat update be? We're got those questions answered right here. Also, how to use the new 2018 Snapchat feature and how to turn Explore on Snapchat off for those of you who want to keep a low profile.

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What Is Explore On Snap Map?

So, what exactly is Explore on Snap Map? Well, the new Snapchat feature is basically an update from Snapchat Snapmap when your friends go on a trip. So, basically, it's meant to give you FOMO when they leave you behind on their super fun trips.

Anyway, here's what happens:

When a friend takes a trip, including road trips, flights, festivals, or even attend a landmark, you can see where they go. The feature also allows you to start a conversation with a friend if you choose to.

But, that's not even where it all ends. Snap Map Explore includes updates like breaking news, interesting events, and trends happening all over the world. Nice, right?

So, how do you use Snap Map Explore?

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How To Use Explore On Snap Map

Wondering how to use Explore on Snap Map? Well, the first thing you have to do is click 'New Updates' to start the process.

But, it's not over once you've updated you Snapchat to have the new Snapmap feature. You have to wait until your friends update as well. Once that is completed, Snapchat Explore updates should automatically appear once someone takes a trip.

If you want to begin a conversation with your friend when you see their update, you can start a conversation with them by tapping the screen.

And that's pretty much it. Feel free to explore the new feature!

But, what about those of us who don't like people knowing where we are? And by we, I mean me.

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How To Turn Off Explore On Snap Map?

Explore on Snapchat only works if you allow it to. So, if you are sharing your location on Snapchat's Snap Maps, then your friends could get an update if you make a trip. All you need to do it make sure your settings are set to Ghost Mode.

If you've never seen Snap Map before or if you are already in Ghost Mode, you don't have to worry. Your friends won't see your location and they won't get any updates from Explore.

So, when does Snapchat Explore Snap Map begin?

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When Will Explore On Snap Map Snapchat Update Be Released?

According to Snapchat's press release, Snapchatters will be able to use the Snap Map Explore feature within the next few weeks. The best part? The update will be available to people on a global scale!

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Does Snap Map's Explore Feature Ruin Lives?

So, if Snapchat's Explore Snap Map feature safe? It depends. If you are uncomfortable having your location shared with your friends, make sure to go into Ghost Mode. But, if you trust your friend list, it should be fine. Just be safe.

However, we understand that this feature may also bring on some major fear of missing out feels in case your friends actually hang out without you. But, at least Snapchat includes the option of starting a conversation with them! So, don't be afraid! Ask if you can meet up with them, too! Or not. Your choice.

Happy Snapping!