Shows Like Grey's Anatomy

Need an extra Grey's Anatomy fix? We have you covered!

With Grey's Anatomy Season 13 coming to a close in May, we all need something to hold us over for the next few months leading up to Grey's Anatomy Season 14 in the fall. Obviously, we can always rewatch old episodes of Grey's Anatomy on Netflix. But, sometimes you just want to watch something new! So, here are a few of our favorite picks for shows that are like Grey's Anatomy to help ease your Grey's Anatomy withdrawal!

1. Private Practice

Did you ever wonder where Addison Montgomery went after she stopped showing up in older episodes of Grey's Anatomy? Did you know that Grey's Anatomy has a spinoff show featuring Addison? Well, if you didn't, now you do! Because it's a spinoff of the original, Private Practice has a pretty similar feel to Grey's Anatomy! It's not on Netflix right now, but you can always try to catch it on Hulu! It's definitely something you should watch if you love Grey's!

2. Emily Owens M.D.

Awkward surgical intern Emily Owens tries to leave her geeky past behind when she tries to make it big at Denver Memorial Hospital. But, it's difficult to do when her high school nemesis is working there too. Catch all the drama, heartbreak, and incredible medical miracles and accidents in this adorable comedy.

And bonus! Our very own Maggie Pierce was also on the show as Dr. Tyra Dupre!

3. Scrubs

This hilarious medical comedy is classic. (Just maybe don't watch the last season.) But, the series follows and is narrated by Dr. John Michael "J.D." Dorian, who begins the show as a medical intern. It has a pretty similar feel to Grey's Anatomy. Only, you don't exactly spend every second thinking that your favorite character is about to die. However, just because it is a comedy, doesn't mean that you won't be hit by incredibly emotional topics from time to time.

4. House M.D.

Like Grey's Anatomy, House, M.D. is a medical DRAMA. And yes, it is just as dramatic as Grey's Anatomy. However, the drama is mostly about the medical cases and less about the love triangles going on in the hospital. Also, there's no better way of putting it, but Dr. Gregory House is an ass, which makes for incredibly entertaining television.

5. Hart Of Dixie

Big-city heart surgeon Zoe Hart, is put through the ringer when the father she never knew leaves his medical practice to her in the tiny town of Bluebell, Alabama. This show is less medical drama and more romantic comedy, as Hart navigates her way around the quirky (but lovable) town and many hot love interests.

6. Nurse Jackie

This medical drama is basically the same as Grey's in terms of how addicting it is to watch, how fast you fall in love with all the characters, and how dramatic it is. Except rather than Meredith Grey, we get Jackie Peyton, who is an emergency nurse who is addicted to Adderal and Vicodin. Yikes!

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