Does Sephora Let You Stack Coupon Codes? | 2019

does sephora let you stack promo codes, 2019
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They did WHAT?!

Does Sephora Allow Multiple Coupon Codes?

If you're a longtime Sephora shopper, then you know the struggles of wanting it all. From all the VIB rewards to the major discounts they have throughout the year, shopping at Sephora is like walking into heaven – and now it just got a whole lot better.

Earlier this month, Sephora announced that starting Wednesday, Jan. 16, Sephora will start allowing customers to combine coupon promotion codes. But, like with all good things, consumers are left wondering: what's the catch?

Well, it turns out not every Sephora coupon can be stacked. so here's what we know.

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In an official statement, Sephora announced that they are testing a new functionality that will allow some promotions to be stacked. However, there are a few limitations to the current test.

While the new function began testing on Jan. 16, the option to combine promotions was limited to certain codes and was only open to Rouge Reward members, which are VIB members who spent over $1000 at Sephora in a calendar year.

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So how can you tell if you can use multiple promotions?

According to Sephora's website, you can find out if your promotion code can be combined by reading the fine print. Different rules will be applied to each promotion and it will state whether or not it can be combined.

To view Sephora's current promotions, you can go to the Beauty Offers page.

Regardless of the limitations, we are pretty stoked for this patch and we hope it goes through to the general public – or at the very least, VIB members.

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