Hallelujah, Sephora Is Starting to Promote CBD Beauty Products

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Are CBD-infused beauty products here to stay?

CBD-Infused Beauty Products Are Picking Up At Sephora

It looks like CBD-infused skincare – or cannabis beauty products– are here to stay. But honestly, are we surprised? CBD beauty products have been buzzed about for months in the beauty community, giving rise to more and more skin care and makeup products come out that contain CBD, a non-psychoactive, non-addictive compound that is found in cannabis. Now, according to CNBC, popular retailers like Barneys and Sephora are adding more CBD products to the front of their shelves after growing interest from consumers – and analysts are Piper Jaffray are taking notice.

"This week at Sephora, we noticed a curated section in-store for hemp-oriented products featuring brands that have dipped their toe into this space," Piper Jaffray senior research analyst, Erinn Murphy, told CNBC. "We have seen a high level of interest in cannabis beauty from retailers over the past month based on our store checks and incremental launches. We expect further retailer developments in the coming months."

While CBD products have been around for a while, popularity has really grown over the past year. A month ago, the analysts at Piper Jaffray saw the CBD beauty industry as a subcategory, but that has since changed as CBD beauty is a growing marking and has then moved to become its own category.

"Recall that we view the CBD beauty market as an extension of the broader natural & clean beauty movement that is taking hold within the industry," Murphy said. "Google search trends suggest consumer interest in cannabis beauty has been picking up over the past year."

Now, with heightened interest surrounding CBD-infused beauty and major retailers like Sephora picking up more products, CBD products are on their way to become more mainstream.

"We continue to see established beauty brands experimenting with hemp seed oil-based products versus CBD products," Murphy said. "We expect to see conglomerate brands become involved with CBD over time as regulation and efficacy become more clearly defined."

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