15 Self-Deprecating Instagram Captions That Are More Savage That You Expect

self deprecating instagram captions, woman with smile with tongue out emoji balloon in front of her face
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It's time to roast yourself on social media.

The Best Self-Deprecating Instagram Captions

We've all woken up feeling like potato trash. For some, it's temporary. For others, it's just a way of life.

Ready to roast yourself? Do you have a self-deprecating sense of humor? Then you're going to love these Instagram captions.

It's about damn time we get real on social media. After all, not everybody has to be happy all the time. That's just not mental health.

So if you're ready to get a little dark and twisty on your feed, then keep on reading for some fun self-deprecating Instagram captions.

Funny Self-Deprecating Captions for Insta

  • I don't know. I'm just a potato.

  • Everything is terrible.

  • World's Okayest Human

  • I believe in my cat more than I believe in myself.

  • I'm like 104% tired.

Great Self-Deprecating Insta Captions for Selfies

  • I'm not totally useless. I can be used as a bad example.

  • I'm the human equivalent of a typo.

  • Oh yes, I'm a mess.

  • If you can't handle me at my worst, then leave because I don't have a best. I'm always awful.

  • People say that I'm creative and I couldn't agree more because I create most of my own problems.

Clever Instagram Captions for Self-Deprecating Humor

  • Why am I like this?

  • Self-deprecating humor is my cardio.

  • Human Garbage

  • We're all trash, quite frankly.

  • "The Wo-o-orst" -John Ralphio