Sarah Drew Reveals That April's Return to Grey's Anatomy Is Possible

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"Never say never."

Will April Kepner Return to Grey's Anatomy?

Ever since her departure at the end of season 14, fans have wondered if April Kepner (Sarah Drew) will ever return to Grey's Anatomy.

We know that we're only a few episodes into the new season, but the series hasn't been the same since Drew left. She was on Grey's Anatomy for nearly a decade, after all. It's only natural that fans are already looking for a comeback.

And now, Drew has answered our prayers in the best way possible.

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In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Drew was asked if she would ever consider returning to Grey's Anatomy.

"I'll never say never because they are my family," Drew said. "I still love everyone over there. I love that community and I still have such an incredible space in my heart for everyone over there."

This news comes shortly after current showrunner *Krista Vernoff revealed that she would also "never say never" when it came to the possibility of April's return to Grey's.

"I'm not promising anything for this season," Vernoff said. "But at Shondaland, those doors are open."

Excuse us while we jump up and down with excitement.

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To our understanding, the doors are definitely open on both sides for April's return to the series after season 15.

However, it might be a little difficult for Drew to jump back in like nothing happened.

"I really do feel like, because of how it went down, I really had to part ways with April," Drew said. "There was no way for me to live in a space of possibility of her returning and also be healthy in my letting go of all of it, so I really have said goodbye to her."

Drew's statement, while saddening, is completely understandable. It's like a bad breakup. Sometimes all you need is a clean break.

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That being said, Drew is still open to returning to Grey's Anatomy as April, no matter how difficult it is for her personally.

Drew, like April, is a soldier.

"I think saying hello again would be hard," Drew said. "But again, I'll never say never."

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Do you want Sarah Drew to come back to Grey's in season 16?

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