18 Wild Roller Coaster Instagram Captions

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Whether you spell it rollercoaster or roller coaster, these Instagram captions will have your head spinning.

The World's Best Roller Coaster Instagram Captions


Are you going to a theme park anytime soon? It's the perfect opportunity to snap a few pictures for your followers, regardless of how you feel about the turbulent journey. So, why not pair that with the best roller coaster Instagram caption? Because you deserve the best for the 'Gram.

Whether you're visiting Disneyland or even Universal Studios, we've got all the best roller coaster captions for Insta. So, get ready to scream. Because these are pretty wild. Just make sure to keep your phone safe during the ride. We wouldn't want to lose all your hard work.

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Good Instagram Captions for Roller Coasters

• Life is like a roller coaster.

• I'm on a roller coaster that only goes up, my friend!

• Just hold on.

• The only people who get hurt

• Hands up!

• Am I crying or laughing?

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Funny Roller Coaster Captions for Instagram

• And so the adventure begins!

• Enjoy the ride...I guess.

• How did I get off alive? The world may never know.

• I saw. I did not conquer.

• Emotionally: I'm done.

• Stayin' Alive?!

Witty IG Captions for Roller Coaster

• Stop being so afraid and start living instead.

• This feeling.

• Montagnes Russes

• She who dares, wins.

• Life is like a roller coaster. You can either scream every time or you can throw your hands up and enjoy the ride.

• Conquer from within.