6 Best Rick and Morty Gift Ideas in ANY Universe

rick and morty gift ideas, Christmas 2018
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Here are the best Rick and Morty gift ideas that are better than McDonald's Szechuan sauce.

Our Top Rick and Morty Gift Ideas

We know that real Rick and Morty fans just want season 4 to be released for Christmas. Well, we've got some good news for you.

We've gathered some fantastic Rick and Morty gift ideas that are perfect for the fan in your life.

What? You thought for a split second that you came here to get any details on the new season to be released on...just kidding. We have no idea. But take that up with Cartoon Network, not us.

Regardless, we're still happy to give you a few gift ideas that Rick and Morty fans are sure to love. Or at the very least appreciate.

So whether you're a Rick or a Morty or even a Morty who thinks they're a Rick, here are the best gift ideas for you.

This Anatomy Park-Themed Operation Board Game

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Ready to experience the nightmare that is Anatomy Park? Well, now is your chance! Snag this special edition of Operation that is sure to bring joy to the whole family! Our only regret is that Pirates of the Pancreas actually made the cut.

This Hilarious Peace Among Worlds Sweater

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Ready to spread some love in your microverse? Then you need to check out this adorable and cozy Christmas sweater. Just make sure you don't create a world that's basically slavery with extra steps.

This Schwifty Tee

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If you want to showcase your love for the series without being too obvious, you can always check out this cool "Schwifty" tee. Did you just get the song stuck in your head? Good because it was critically acclaimed by the all mighty Cromulons.

This Rick and Morty Slipper Set

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If you're ready to carry Rick and Morty with you everywhere, then get ready for a pair of slippers that you won't be able to resist. And yes, they are as hilarious as they look.

This Fun Lanyard Featuring Its Own Portal Gun

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One can never have too many lanyards. This classic Rick and Morty lanyard is not only functional for all your key-holding needs, it also comes with its own portal gun charm.

This Pickle Rick Throw Blanket

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You didn't think we could make it through this list without Pickle Rick, did you? This soft microfiber blanket is great for those who always want to remember the greatest moment of television history.

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