Could Grey's Anatomy Be on for 16 Seasons – And Counting?

grey's anatomy renewed season 17, abc president wants more
Grey's Anatomy via ABC

She said WHAT?!

ABC President, Karey Burke Wants More 'Grey's Anatomy' Post Season 16

There's no denying the success of Grey's Anatomy.

From its longevity to the continual dedication from the fans, the ABC medical drama is going strong – and it doesn't look like it's slowing down anytime soon.

Recently, Ellen Pompeo, who has been playing the famous Meredith Grey for over a decade, teased that while she was contracted to do the series until season 16, she might stick around so long as ratings don't go down. This had fans wondering if ABC would renew the series for season 17.

Well, if you love Grey's and you're hoping for more, then Karey Burke, President of ABC Entertainment, has some news for you.

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

In an interview with Deadline, Burke revealed that she was "planning for more" when it came to Grey's Anatomy.

But, does this mean that we will get to see season 17 of Grey's?

It's more likely than you think.

"We're thrilled with Grey's performance," Burke said. "I was visiting the set earlier this week. I believe the status is that we're in conversations about continuing the show."

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Are you dancing, Grey's fans? Because we are.

While Burke didn't exactly confirm that ABC was in for more after season 16, it's clear that the network sees Grey's as an investment worth discussing.

So now the question is this: Will you keep watching?

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