Is Cristina Yang Returning to Grey's Anatomy?!

Do you think this Cardio God will return?

Grey's Anatomy hasn't been the same since Cristina Yang left the show in Season 10. Some fans even believe that the show lost its spark after Yang left Grey Sloan Memorial for a hospital in Switzerland. Other fans have stuck with Grey's as Meredith explored different relationships with her actual sisters, Maggie and Amelia. Although both Maggie and Amelia are lovely, we don't think that anyone could replace this ambitious Cardio God and Mer's original person, considering how much the duo has been through.

Every season since Yang departed the show, fans have speculated her return. Even though we might have all expected her to come back for Derek's funeral, it still hasn't happened after three seasons. However, it seems like things just might be happening in Shondaland.

Sandra Oh, who played Yang on the show, tweeted this photo last summer, which definitely gave Grey's fans hope for her return. Sandwiched in the photo with Oh are her Grey's ex-husband Kevin McKidd, who plays Owen Hunt, and former Grey's screenwriter, Tony Phelan.

Whether this hangout was by accident, a gathering of old friends, or a planned discussion for the future of Cristina on Grey's, we are still left to speculate. Though, it's more than likely that the trio just decided to chill together. However, we can only hope that Oh will make a surprise cameo like former main cast members, such as Kate Walsh or Isaiah Washington, have done in the past.

With Amelia and Owen's marriage taking a few bumps this season, it would be interesting if Cristina made a comeback to stir things up a bit more. In an interview with Digital Spy, McKidd said that he would "love it if she came back," and that "she might eventually for fun, for maybe a couple of episodes."

Then, in an interview with Access Hollywood Life to promote her new film Catfight, Oh mentioned that she probably wouldn't be coming back to Grey's. However, she doesn't exactly eliminate the possibility of making a guest appearance either.

Even if it may seem like Cristina may never make a return to Grey's, it's clear in the video that there's still a chance of a Cristina Yang cameo. Oh hinted that she has previously spoken to showrunner Shonda Rhimes about making a quick appearance. In the end, Oh simply said, "I just don't know. It would just have to feel right." Very interesting indeed!

While we don't have a definite answer on Cristina's return, we are still pretty hopeful for a cameo or guest star appearance! (But, only when the time is right!) Even if it won't be the same as a recurring role on Grey's, we'll take whatever we can get!

How do you feel about Cristina Yang possibly returning to Grey's Anatomy?

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