3 Uplifting Podcasts for Empty Nesters | 2018

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If you're going through empty nest syndrome or you're getting ready for your child to leave home, then here are the best podcasts.

The Best Podcasts for Parents Dealing with Empty Nest Syndrome

We understand that empty nest syndrome can be difficult for parents. As a child leaves home to venture the world on their own, whether that means attending college or getting married, it may be hard to let go.

But now, it's time to find support for you and your needs. You can start by checking out these fantastic podcasts for empty nesters.

Whether you're a modern mom who needs to hear personal stories of triumph or you simply need the support this time in your life, then not to worry. Let us be your guide when it comes to finding the perfect podcast for your needs!

So without further adieu, here are the best empty nester podcasts right now.

1. The Empty New Nest

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Created and hosted by friends Samantha Klose and Sarah Williams, The Empty New Nest keep it real when it comes to changes after a child leaves the nest. Klose and Williams share personal stories and other empty nesters to inspire and create a community for anyone looking for support and a little something special.

2. Women in the Middle: Loving Life After 50

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Host and certified life coach, Suzy Rosenstein, goes beyond giving helpful tips on being an empty nester. With the ability to motivate and give educated advice to her listeners, Women in the Middle is truly a well-rounded resource when it comes to exploring and discovering yourself again.

3. Voices of Empty Nesters

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While this is only a quick segment on NPR, we love Voices of Empty Nesters for what it is: incredible and relatable stories about what it feels like to be an empty nester. The stories of what the individuals missed about their kids, no matter how small, makes us realize that we aren't alone in how we feel. And that's okay.

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