15 Best Pizza Instagram Captions to Savor Every Bite

pizza instagram captions
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Cheesus Crust!

The Best Pizza Instagram Captions

Are 3 out of 5 of your major food groups pizza? Because that's exactly how we feel.

And if you love pizza as much as we do, you're going to get a kick out of these pizza Instagram captions that are perfect for your next social media post. Because what type of person doesn't love pizza? The stupid kind.

Just kidding.

That title is solely reserved for calzone lovers.

Jokes aside, from the pizza puns to the funny sayings that are just too good not to post next to a picture of a glistening slice of heaven, we've got it all. Here are the best captions about pizza for your Insta pics.

Good Instagram Captions With Pizza

  • Cut my life into pizzas.

  • In pizza we crust.

  • Make pizza, not war.

  • It's pizza o'clock.

  • A slice a day keeps the sad away.

Funny Pizza Puns for Captions on Instagram

  • You wanna pizza me?

  • Slice slice baby.

  • You'll always have a pizza my heart.

  • You sure are a pizza work.

  • Another one bites the crust.

Clever Pizza Captions for Insta Selfies

  • Pizza ttoday. Salad tomorrow.

  • Love at first bite.

  • Home is where the pizza is delivered.

  • I wanna be where the pizzas are.

  • I am the Pizza Queen!