Pixel Eyewear Review: The Computer Glasses That (Finally) Got Rid of My Eye Fatigue

pixel eyewear computer glasses review
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Here are our thoughts on Pixel Eyewear's computer glasses!

I Tried Computer Glasses From Pixel Eyewear—Here's How It Went

If it weren't for the invention of glasses and its modern-day improvements, natural selection would have probably written off my bloodline by now. Luckily, that's not the world we live in and I'm safe to live another day... sort of.

Because my eyesight is ,well, terrible, I have to be extra careful when it comes to protecting my eyes from getting worse than they already are. Unfortunately for me, I decided to choose a career path that basically requires me to stare at a computer screen all day long, which, according to Harvard Health, isn't exactly the greatest thing for your eyes. In short, it can cause computer vision syndrome, which is categorized by eyestrain, dryness, and headaches. So, what's a girl to do when she spends her day in front of a computer?

Recently, Pixel Eyewear sent me two pairs of their latest computer glasses: the Luna in Rose Crystal and the Toro in Greystone. And yes, I can confidently say that they've changed my life. Scroll down to learn a bit more about Pixel Eyewear and read my review.

About Pixel Eyewear

Pixel Eyewear is a brand that is known for its blue light blocking glasses, as well as its uniquely crafted frames. In case you didn't know, blue wavelengths tend to improve attention and reaction times. However, that can come at a cost. Not only can blue light disrupt your sleeping schedule at night, but it can also cause headaches and eyestrain.

Per the Pixel website, the company notes their computer glasses contain lenses that "filter 50 percent of blue light and up to 95 percent at the strongest wavelengths without the yellow tint." So essentially, you should be able to focus more on your work instead of worrying about eyestrain or migraines.

My Pixel Eyewear Review

My history with blue light filtering computer glasses has been short. I've only really tried a few random pairs from Amazon. However, the experience hasn't exactly been great. For one, I hate the orange tint that most have and they look (and feel) cheap. I was relieved when this wasn't the case with Pixel Eyewear.

Like I mentioned before, Pixel sent me two new styles in their lineup. I instantly fell in love with Luna, which has a bold cat-eye frame, as well as Toro, which has a classic rectangular profile. Both handcrafted frames (and the 13 other pairs on the site) had their own personality, so you'll have plenty to choose from.

That being said, while I had no issues with the fit on Toro, I have a little bone to pick with Luna. The nose grip on the rose quartz glasses didn't stay on my flat-Asian nose as well as I would have liked. So it took a few days to get used to.

Now, for what you (probably) came here for—did they work? In short, yes. I typically look at a screen for at least six to eight hours a day. A few hours in and my eyes start to get tired. Sometimes, I'll develop a migraine or even a twitch. Since using these computer glasses, my eyes don't feel as strained at the end of the day, my headaches have significantly reduced, and I haven't noticed an eye twitch in some time.

As for the price, these computer glasses don't come cheap. Each pair is $95, which is honestly a price that can be hard to justify. However, after considering my experience with the glasses, seeing how well they worked for me, and realizing that I do spend all day in front of a computer, I would personally buy a pair myself. Regardless, if you want to try out Pixel's computer glasses, you can do so. The company allows a 30-day risk-free trial and free shipping on returns.

Given my past experiences with computer glasses, I wasn't exactly expecting much when it came to Pixel Eyewear's, especially when I saw the hefty $95 price tag. Nonetheless, I was pleasantly surprised with how well they worked on my fatigued eyes and how much I enjoyed using them. And for that, I am grateful.

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