23 Period Memes That Are SO Funny You'll Wish You Never Read Them

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Looking for the perfect period meme to help share how you feel? We have your back.

Relatable and Funny Period Memes About Menstruation

Can I have a happy period, Always? Can I? The jury's still out on that one, but if you're feeling like you need a little bit of sympathy, a few laughs, or just something for that self-deprecating fool in all of us, we've got the best period memes to get you through this time.

Because yes, as much as we want to feel empowered during menstruation, sometimes you just feel like crap. And that's okay.

So, let's dive into these hilariously relatable memes about periods to make you feel just a little bit better. And don't forget to grab a heating pad, take some CBD for cramps, and practice some self-care, too!

1. When you're all good and then IT SNEAKS UP ON YOU like:

2. When the cramps start and you don't know if it's your period or you're legit about to die:

3. When you usually don't take medication for pain, but once the cramps start, it's game over:

4. No, seriously. Period cramps = GIVE ME MY PILLS:

5. And then it feels like nothing will get better:

6. But then your friends invite you out and you decide it's time to get the comfy pants out...in PUBLIC:

7. And then you decide it's time to get up, but IT WAS DEFINITELY A MISTAKE:

8. And even LAUGHING or SNEEZING is dangerous:

9. When not even fruit can make you happy:

10. When you realize it's time to switch to menstrual cups:

11. Because menstrual cups can save the WORLD and make my period slightly better, right? RIGHT??

12. When your significant other stupidly asks you what cramps feel like:

13. Immediately after you try to argue about the cramp thing, even though you know you were right to do so:

14. Every moment of every day:

15. When it feels like a leak, so you have to walk around like this:

16. For all the boys that don't get how ANNOYING this is:

17. When you can't decide what you want:

18. Except really. You're a glass case of emotion and EVERYTHING hits you at once:

19. Because there are like 1,000 different things are happening to your body at once:

20. Anytime someone asks you how you're doing:

21. When you've never related to a Game of Thrones meme more.

22. When it's FINALLY over:

23. And when you remember things you said, but you now (sort of) regret:


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