Perfect Period Care Package Ideas for Girlfriend

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Need the perfect period care package? We've got ideas for you, your girlfriend, your mom. Everyone.

Period Care Package Ideas

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Periods are not what Always commercials make them out to be. Most times, that time of the month is filled with mood swings, cramps, and bloating. And no, we are not exaggerating. Other than the miraculous realization that you aren't pregnant, menstruation sucks. So, ladies, it's time to find new ways to treat yourself with these period care packages. Because you're worth it, damnit.

Whether you're looking for a monthly subscription that contains everything you might need or if you just want to find new ideas to treat someone close to you like your girlfriend or your BFF, here are a few of the best period care package ideas to make Aunty Flo suck a little less.


1. The PMS Package

What's Included: Curated items including 5 snacks, 2-3 feminine essentials, 2-3 pampering items.

How Often: Depends on your plan. You get to choose your delivery date and how often you pay at a time, from monthly to 12 months.

How Much: $28.99/mo – $34.99/mo

Shipping: Free


2. The Period Store

What's Included: Curated items including a 5x7 limited edition print, a treat, 2 tea bags, 3 packets of medicine for cramps. You can also customize your box by adding your favorite feminine products or items from the site's store.

How Often: Monthly, shipped approximately 9 days before period.

How Much: Starts at $15/mo  

Shipping: Free shipping in USA. Extra fees for Canada.


3. Lotus Box

What's Included: Curated box filled with products to comfort and uplift women during their time of the month. Products could include tampons/pads, bath bombs, tea, panties, chocolates, and more.       

How Often: Monthly

How Much: $15/mo – $34.99/mo (Prepaid options available)

Shipping: Free shipping in USA


4. Femly

What's Included: Mini subscription contains period care and community access. Deluxe subscription contains period care, community access, 3+ self-care gifts, discounts, and more. Standard subscription contains period care, community access and self-care gift.

How Often: Monthly

How Much: $12.99 – $29.99

Shipping: Free shipping in USA


5. DIY Care Package Ideas

Looking for something a little more personal? Here are a few ideas to include in your own at-home period kit. And don't forget to include something special that only your person would love!

• Feminine products (tampons, pads, panty liners, diva cup, etc.)

• Chocolates, candy, sweets

• Heating pad

• Tea

• Bath bomb

• Essential oils

• Yoga mat

• Body pillow

• Period tracker

• Soft clothing and/or blankets

• Slippers

• Sweatpants

• Literally anything that screams comfortable