Period Blood Masks Are a Thing – But Should They Be?

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Everything you need to know (so far) about menstrual masks.

Using Period Blood Masks. An Investigation.

From magnets to rubber, it seems like you can make a face mask out of anything these days. And to be honest, we're totally here for it. But, what about period blood face masks? And yes, we're talking about using menstrual blood, not to be confused with the vampire facials( made famous by Kim Kardashian.

A few months ago, Yazmina Jade, a former hairdresser from Australia, released a video of herself wearing a face mask of her menstrual blood, and you better believe it went viral. Some called it weird. Others called it inspiring and However, it got the public questioning if we should be using menstrual blood masks at all.

Today, we dive into the possible benefits of these alternative masks. And don't worry. It's not as gross as it seems.

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Why Yazmina Jade Used a Period Face Mask

While this mask might seem a bit strange at first, Jade's reasoning behind why she uses it is actually kind of empowering.

Unlike traditional face masks, which typically benefits the skin in some way, Jade paints her menstrual blood on her face to show that there's nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to the menstrual cycle. And let's be honest, it's something that we've all been conditioned to do.

In the video, Jade explained why she does the mask for herself.

"Through reclaiming blood and our menstrual cycle, it fully allowed me to embody everything that I was and the freedom to express who I was in every way," Jade said.

Jade also added that she wanted to share the "power it holds for women to fully own this part of self that we have been shaming for so many lifetimes."

So, while it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the benefits of the mask, Jade does the period face mask for herself to reclaim her own body. And honestly, that's good enough for us.

However, for those of you who are curious, what does science say about this?

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Menstrual Blood Face Masks, According to Science

It's clear that Jade doesn't use menstrual blood masks for the added benefits. But, does period blood make great facial masks?

Medistem, a biotechnology firm, discovered that under the right conditions, menstrual stem cells, now know as endometrial regenerative cells, could turn into a larger variety of tissue types than other types of adult stem cells. They also grew more rapidly.

So, could they benefit the look of the skin on your face?

That has yet to be determined. While the study seems exciting, half the team remained skeptical. Further research must be done in regards to this study, and even then, there is no actual scientific evidence or research to prove that period masks are good for you.

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The Bottom Line

So, what's the truth here?

Well, it seems like the use of period blood masks is inconclusive in terms of the benefits it actually brings you. There is no scientific evidence that menstrual masks are good for your skin.

If you're really into the idea of using blood in your skin care routine, we suggest you try using the vampire facial, which is basically injecting your own blood into your skin with a certified professional.

However, if you're like Jade and feel empowered by using your period blood as a mask, then you welcome to do so. You do you. But, as always, we do advise you to reach out to a trusted health professional, especially if you have any further questions.

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